How to Find the Best Used Road Reclaimers for Sale

Road reclamation is a booming business. With the economy looking less and less steady, more people are pursuing road reclaiming to supplement their incomes. It’s not hard to find companies that buy and sell used road reclamation machines these days, but we’re going to focus on how you can find the best ones out there for sale with minimal hassle. We’ve put together a list of handy tips to help you find the best-used road reclaimer for sale. So read on, and prepare to be enlightened.

Decide What Type of Used Road Reclaimers You Need

Before you even think about shopping for a used road reclaimer, you must figure out which kind will work best for your needs.

a) Soil stabilizer: This is the lightest of all road reclaimers, as it doesn’t have to carry a heavy load for extended periods. It’s ideal for moving debris that has settled on the ground, like leaves, branches, and other debris. Modern soil stabilizers are more powerful and frequently use carbide tips rather than paddles. Some of these machines are known as single-pass soil stabilizers since they can create soil cement in only one pass instead of up to four for some older models. Most soil stabilizers now function more like road recyclers, which can incorporate the old road surface into the mixture.

b) Road pavement mill: A road mill is a heavy-duty machine that can handle the heaviest roads. It is ideal for moving earth and dredging, especially in industrial or construction applications where engineers removed the roadbed during construction, but the sub base remained intact. Some of these machines have engines that have more than 500 horsepower. It is often mounted on four crawler tracks, but it can also be mounted on three or two wheels.

c) Road recycler: Road recyclers are usually mounted on wheels much larger than those used in the soil stabilizers. The road recycler can handle heavier loads, moving more debris and scoping up material from the tops of ditches, holes, or any other open spots in a road that may not yet be filled in. They can blend the asphalt road with a base course and binder in a single pass. Common Uses of Road Reclaimers Since road reclaimers are multipurpose machines, you can use them for various purposes. Some of the most common uses are to:

a) Dredge: Dredging involves digging and removing soil and other materials like gravel and mud. A road reclaimer with a dredge attachment can help you clear ditches or ponds efficiently. Dredging is ideal if you have limited space for working or have to maneuver over tree roots, branches, and other obstacles.

b) Bulk earthmoving: Most road reclaimers have attachments that can be used to move material so you can fill in holes, fill in ditches or remove tree roots.

c) Soil stabilization: Mostly, a soil stabilizer is used to clean up the top layer of dirt so that the underlying soil can be smooth and ready for new construction. You may need to use a road reclaimer like this to clean up old roads from construction sites or for the demolition of any buildings or other structures.

d) Bulk soil removal: You can also use the bulk soil removal attachment at construction sites or industrial applications where the sub base is intact. This attachment doesn’t remove the sub base but gives you an easier way to fill any holes and move material.

e) Recycling: You can also use your road reclaimer to recycle old asphalt. Recycling is a bit more complicated, but it can be a great way to make money and help keep the environment at bay.

f) Blending: Just as you can use a road reclaimer for soil stabilization, you can also use them for blending asphalt to make it smooth and stable so that it works better with new roads.

How to Determine Value for A Used Road Reclaimer

Before paying for a used road reclaimer, you should ensure you’re getting value for your money. You can determine the value of a used Road Reclaimer by taking a look at the following:

a) Quality of the machine: You should always look at the road reclaimer’s condition before buying it.

b) The length of time it has been used for its intended purpose: The more time the machine has been in use, the more likely it will require repairs.

c) The number of machine hours logged by the machine owner: This can be determined by looking at the mileage and oil usage over time.

d) The engine hours: If a machine has been used for years, it will have accumulated so much wear and tear that it will need more frequent maintenance.

Suitable hours for a Used Road Reclaimer

When you’re looking at the hours for a used road reclaimer engine, it’s important to know that after the first couple of hundred hours, you should be checking them every 200. Once you exceed that figure and reach 500 hours, you should check the oil levels every 100 hours. This adjustment is due to wear and tear occurring in the engine, and to extend its lifespan; it is necessary to regularly clean it out.

List of Things to Inspect as A Used Road Reclaimer Buyer

When looking through the list of things to inspect as a Used Road Reclaimer buyer, one of the first things to look at is the list of safety equipment that comes with the machine. The road reclaimer needs to have all of its safety equipment in order, so you’ll want to make sure that you ask about this if it isn’t immediately apparent.

The second thing to look into on a Used Road Reclaimer is who the previous owner was and what workload this person had. If the owner seemed to be on a tough schedule, this could indicate that the machine has been used on tough sites.

The third thing you should look at is the age of the machine. Machines typically have a life expectancy of around 8 to 10 years. However, you should also make sure that the model is used organically. If it has been chemically treated to extend its lifespan, it will have a shorter lifespan, so you’ll want to avoid buying this model if possible.

Lastly, check the maintenance records and inspections, and do an oil analysis to determine the condition of the road reclaimer. Don’t forget to take tons of high-quality pictures to avoid the stress of going on-site daily to confirm details.

Buying a used road reclaimer can be a very good investment for the long-term benefits of the cost. Used equipment, such as road reclaimers, will last longer and even save you money over its new model counterpart. Used equipment can be reconditioned to work again or be made completely brand new. However, before you purchase a used road reclaimer, make sure that all of your fears are addressed and that no repairs are made to the item. Don’t hesitate to contact Boom & Bucket when looking for the best Used Road Reclaimer deals in the market.

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