Boom & Bucket's 2024 Student Scholarship Program

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April 15, 2024

Boom & Bucket is offering a scholarship of $1,000 to be awarded each year to a student pursuing a heavy machinery-themed program. This scholarship is available to both currently enrolled students and future students who are planning to attend a program within the next 12 months. The program can be at a college or a trade school anywhere in the United States or Canada. 

Our Goal

Our CEO put himself in the C-suite managing a team of over 200 people at his last company. Before that, he built and sold a startup in under 3 years. This all started with an education, which is why Boom & Bucket is proud to offer a scholarship. We hope to help in giving everyone the opportunity to a quality education, regardless of financial standing.

Empowering Dreams

In the pursuit of academic excellence and fostering the dreams of aspiring scholars, Boom and Bucket proudly introduce their much-anticipated 2024 Student Scholarship Program. At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to inclusivity, and it is specifically designed to benefit the dynamic cohort of bucket scholarship applicants.

As part of a broader scholarship initiative, Boom and Bucket aim to systematically bridge the financial gap that often hinders educational pursuits. This initiative stands as a testament to the organization's dedication to creating an environment where every enrolled student has equal access to educational resources, regardless of financial constraints.

In 2024, the Boom and Bucket's Student Scholarship Program became a transformative force, embodying the spirit of empowerment and providing a platform for ambitious students to flourish. As the application term approaches, the program promises not only financial support but a pathway to a brighter future, where education becomes a catalyst for personal and societal growth.

How To Apply

To apply, students must write a 500+ word essay or record a 2-minute video explaining who you are and what makes you excited about the heavy equipment space. Please submit your application by 12:00PM central time on March 31st of each calendar year. Winners will be chosen by April 22nd. The winning scholarship will be paid directly to the school as a tuition payment. 

Submit an application


In 2023, we spotted similar issues in some scholarship submissions. Here are tips to strengthen your application:

  • Start by including a title and name in your application, along with the subject or field you are currently studying.

  • Craft your essay specifically for this scholarship. Show us your enthusiasm for the heavy equipment industry - remember, passion is key.

  • Ensure your essay is well-structured with appropriate paragraphs and formatting. Use a word processor for your essay and refrain from submitting screenshots from note-taking apps or images of handwritten notes.

  • If you feel you can express yourself better verbally, consider submitting a YouTube video instead. We noticed a lack of video submissions this year and would love to see more in the future.

  • Finally, please submit your application in PDF format to ensure compatibility and ease of reading.

Who We Are

Founded in Austin, Texas by Adam Lawrence, Samir Shah and Aaron Kline, Boom & Bucket is a digital dealership to buy and sell used heavy equipment. After raising a $5.5 million seed round, the company quickly grew to over 20 employees and has been featured in TechCrunch. 

Previous Winners

  • Luke Quesenberry, Pittsburg State University

Boom & Bucket will announce the second annual scholarship winner April 22, 2024.

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