Used Articulated Trucks for sale in Florida


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An articulated truck is a heavy-duty dump truck used to transport heavy loads. The all-wheel-drive capability makes articulated trucks a great option for transporting loads over rough terrains. The name “articulated” comes from the cab and rear dump meeting at an articulated point, controlling the capability of the truck to pivot. On the other hand, rigid dump trucks, have a chassis comprised of one continuous piece of metal. Articulated trucks are mainly used as soil and aggregate dumpers, but the chassis can facilitate many other applications including mining, construction, and even military. If you need to maneuver over rugged and sometimes tight terrains, you need an articulated truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The price of used articulated trucks depends on the model, make, and year. You can find used articulated trucks from $20,000 for early 2000’s models up to $500,000 for a lightly used newer model.

  • Popular brands of used articulated trucks include Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo, and Komatsu Limited.

  • Articulated trucks transport heavy loads like soil, aggregate, and water across rugged and hard-to-maneuver terrains.

  • Articulated trucks weigh around 50,000 lbs with an operating rate of up to 165,000 pounds. Most articulated trucks have an operating weight of at least double their empty weight.

  • Articulated trucks rotate at an articulated joint forming a 90-degree angle with the bed joint. Articulated trucks have manual and automatic traction control, retarder control, and dump systems. Always refer to the operator's manual when running new equipment.

  • When buying an articulated truck, it’s important to conduct a full safety inspection. Things to look for include loose fittings, leaks, tire damage, fluid levels, and brake wear.

  • How a used articulated truck compares to a newer model depends on how many hours it's logged and how recently components showing wear were replaced. High wear areas include the hinge joints, brakes, and the engine block.

  • Articulated truck drivers make between $15 and $30/hour.

  • Requirements to become an articulated truck operator vary from state to state, but they may include: At least 20/40 vision with glasses or corrective lenses. A 70-degree field of vision in each eye. A valid driver’s license. Working knowledge of safe operation and vehicle inspection.