1998 Interoc AN109B


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    Santa Clarita, CA

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  • Rear Hitch
  • Seated Station for Travel
  • Compatible with Rotaries, Drifters, and Double Heads


  • Engine: Deutz BF6L913 I6 146 Hp 6.5L Diesel
  • 3 Speed Transmission
  • Track Length = 9 ft 8 in / Track Width = 7 ft 9 in / Rollers = 7
  • Head: Compatible with Rotarys, Drifters, Double heads
  • RPM/Travel: 2300 RPM / 13 Ft stroke / Travel
  • Chain Feed: 157 in Length
  • Extraction/Crowd Force Rating: Feed = 14,388 lbs / Retract = 20,682 lbs
  • Hydraulic Relief Pressure: 4,351 psi
  • Capacities: Hydraulic Sys = 109 gal/ Fuel = 74 gal
  • Max Rotation: 96,000 ft/lbs Torque Rating
  • Weight: 25,353 lbs
  • Max Size: 9.6 in

Inspection Summary

What's great

  • Dry engine appearance; no active leaks seen
  • Smooth idle; no unusual sounds heard at start up or shut down
  • Good forward and reverse function; no delays, vibrations or unusual sounds heard
  • No unusual hydraulics sounds heard during operation; no damage or active leaks seen on hydraulics
  • Good appearance and rotation of drill components; no excess wear or damage seen
  • Good rotation and appearance of swing table, good angle and articulation of drill mast
  • No missing or damaged body panels, no rust damage seen

What needs work

  • Hour meter is inoperable, last reading was 8,084.2 Hrs
  • No drilling tested at the time of inspection due to site restrictions
  • Wear and tear noted on engine insulation, some small black puffs of exhaust observed at throttle
  • Some seepage and discoloration seen on hydraulics
  • Crawler and wheel assemblies show some surface wear and tear, no overall damage seen
  • Several of the operator's gauges are removed leaving open slots on the dash panel
  • Re-paint with areas of overspray on fittings

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