2014 John Deere 6125M

  • 2665 hours
  • Ships nationwide
  • #A7666593
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2014 John Deere 6125M

  • 2665 hours
  • Ships nationwide
  • #A7666593
Asking Price$74,500
Tax Benefits
Price with tax savings$58,855
Est. Loan Payment
Price excludes taxes, fees, and shipping


  • Rear PTO: 540/1000


  • Rear PTO: 540/1000

  • Deluxe Cab

  • Series Tractor

  • PowrQuad PLUS 24F/24R Transmission with Left-hand PowrReverser (25 mph/40 km/h)

  • Standard Cab

  • Basic Specification Seat with Air Suspension

  • Mirrors Manually Adjustable and Telescopic

  • Air Conditioning

  • Panorama Windshield with Right-hand (RH) Door

  • Load-sensing, constant-flow pressure-compensated (PC) Hydraulic System

  • 2 SCV Mechanical (3 Detents - 450 Series) with Deluxe Couplers

  • Rear Independent 540/1000 rpm PTO

  • Two Telescopic Draft Links, Category 3N/Category 2

  • Centre Link with Ball End, Category 3

  • Sway Control Blocks

  • Flanged Axle, 8-Position Adjustable Steel Wheels

  • 18.4R30 142A8 R1W Radial(460/85R30 145A8 R1W Radial)

  • Firestone

  • Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) Axle, 8-Position Adjustable Rims

  • 13.6R24 128A8 R1W Radial(340/85R24 R1W Radial)


  • Toolbox

  • Fender Extension, 1-Piece Side and Rear Extension (Qty. 2)

  • GreenStar Ready Wiring Harness with Implement Connector

  • iTEC (Headland Management System)

  • 7-Pin Signal Interface Socket

  • Inner Rear View Mirror

  • 3-Pin Power Outlet Socket

  • Deluxe Radio

  • Speaker and Antenna Installation

  • Folding Instructional Seat

  • Additional Storage Compartment

  • Front and Rear Roller Blind

  • Rear Window Wiper & Washer

  • Cold Start Package I

  • Third Selective Control Valve (SCV) 450 Series with Deluxe Couplers

  • 2-Function Mechanical Independent Control Valve (M-ICV) Loader Ready Package

  • Swinging Drawbar with Hammerstrap

  • Rear Hitch Remote Control

  • Beacon Light


  • Alternator - 14 Volt, 200 Amp

  • No Handbrake

  • Bottle Holder

  • Cup Holder

  • Front Weight Support (70 kg/155 lb)

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