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The Bobcat 325: An Overview

The Bobcat 325 is a versatile, mid-sized excavator from Bobcat Company. It is designed to tackle a wide range of jobs, from digging trenches to removing stumps. With its powerful engine, smooth operation, and easy maneuverability, the Bobcat 325 is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile excavator.


Model Price$11,110
Daily rental price$255
Half day rental price$128
Weekly rental price$980
Operating weight (pounds)6506
Maintenance cost per hour$1
Monthly maintenance cost$100
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Common Uses

The Bobcat 325 is designed to handle a variety of tasks, from digging trenches and laying pipe to demolishing concrete and removing stumps. It is especially well-suited for landscaping and construction work, as well as general excavation work. With its powerful engine and smooth operation, the Bobcat 325 is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile excavator.


The Bobcat 325 is an affordable excavator with a price of $11,110. You can rent it for a day for $255, a half-day for $128, or a week for $980.

Operating Weight

The Bobcat 325 has an operating weight of 6,506 pounds. This makes it easy to maneuver and transport, even in tight spaces.

Maintenance Costs

The estimated monthly maintenance costs for the Bobcat 325 are relatively low. Depending on the type of work you're doing, the costs can range from $50 to $100 per month.

Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Max Cutting Height: 13.4 ft (4 m)

Max Digging Depth: 100.6 ft (30 m)

Max Loading Height: 9.2 ft (3 m)

Max Reach Along Ground: 166.7 ft (51 m)

Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 6 ft (2 m)

Shipping Height of Unit: 7.8 ft (2 m)

Shipping Length of Unit: 13.8 ft (4 m)


Height - Top of Cab: 7.8 ft (2 m)

Length of Track on Ground: 4.6 ft (1 m)

Removal Counterweight Clearance: 1.8 ft (0 m)

Tail Swing Radius: 3.9 ft (1 m)

Width to Outside of Tracks: 4.6 ft (1 m)


Displacement: 97.7 cu in (0 m)

Engine Model: D1703-M-E2B

Net Power: 27.7 hp (20 kW)

Power Measured @: 2200 rpm

Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity: 14.1 gal (53 l)

Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 17.5 gal/min (64 l/min)

Operating Weight: 6145 lbs (2,787 kg)

Renting price of Bobcat 325 is $225/Day, $890/Weekly, & $2690/Month.

Fuel Costs

The estimated fuel cost per month for the Bobcat 325 is approximately $500. The hourly fuel cost estimation is $20 per hour.

The Bobcat 325 is a robust and reliable excavator designed to tackle a variety of jobs. With its affordable price, low maintenance costs, and easy maneuverability, the Bobcat 325 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile excavator.

Similar Models

If you're looking for a similar model to the Bobcat 325, there are several options available. The Bobcat 324 is a smaller version of the 325, with an operating weight of 5,400 pounds. The Bobcat E50 is a larger model, with an operating weight of 8,700 pounds. Rubber track. The Bobcat E35 is a mid-sized model, with an operating weight of 6,900 pounds. You can have a look at these models the Bobcat 331 and Bobcat E26 mini excavator.


In conclusion, the Bobcat 325 stands as a versatile and dependable mid-sized excavator, proudly representing Bobcat Company's commitment to excellence in heavy equipment. With its impressive capabilities, including digging trenches, demolishing concrete, and handling general excavation work, it's a trusted choice for various industries.

The Bobcat 325 offers affordability, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Rental options further enhance its accessibility, with day, half-day, and weekly rates catering to different project durations.

Weighing in at 6,506 pounds, this excavator strikes a balance between power and maneuverability, enabling efficient operation even in confined spaces. Maintenance costs are reasonable, adding to its cost-effectiveness.

For those exploring alternatives, Bobcat offers a range of models, such as the smaller Bobcat 324, the larger Bobcat E50, and the mid-sized Bobcat E35, each catering to specific needs and applications.

In summary, the Bobcat 325 embodies versatility, affordability, and reliability, making it a valuable asset for professionals across various industries in need of a dependable and adaptable excavator.

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