Bobcat E35i

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An Overview of the BOBCAT E35I

The BOBCAT E35I is a new and improved model of the classic BOBCAT mini excavator. It is a versatile and powerful machine that can be used for a variety of tasks, from digging, trenching, and grading to demolition and landscaping. This model is a great choice for those looking for an efficient and reliable machine that can handle a variety of jobs.


Model Price$69,500
Daily rental price$330
Half day rental price$165
Weekly rental price$1,350
Operating weight (pounds)7468
Maintenance cost per hour$7
Monthly maintenance cost$626
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Common Uses of the BOBCAT E35I

The BOBCAT E35I is most commonly used for digging, trenching, grading, demolition, and landscaping. This machine is capable of digging trenches up to 10 feet deep and can handle a variety of soil types, from sand to clay. It is also great for demolition and landscaping projects, as it can easily break through concrete and asphalt and can quickly grade and level large areas. Usually used in various contruction projects and it have cloth suspension seat. The Tier 4-compliant E35i can be equipped with an angle dozer blade option, long arm option or clamp-ready extendable arm option.

Price of the BOBCAT E35I

The BOBCAT E35I is available for purchase for $69,500. This machine is also available for rent for a day, half day, or week. The cost to rent the BOBCAT E35I for a day is $330, for a half day is $165, and for a week is $1350. This machine is called economical and efficient bobcat. It have lower operating costs.

Operating Weight and Maintenance Costs

The BOBCAT E35I has an operating weight of 7,468 lbs. The estimated monthly maintenance costs for this machine are approximately $250, and the estimated fuel cost per month is approximately $100. The estimated hourly fuel cost is approximately $2.50.

Additional Information
They have a user friendly enclosed cab auto shift it have a travel motion alarm. It's angel dozer blade and with a deluxe instrument panel. It's operator cab reduces potential damage. It's bucket have greater flexibility.

Zero tail swing bobcat e35i compact excavator

Zero tail swing is a term that defines a compact excavator's ability to rotate its house (the upper structure) fully within the width of its undercarriage, without the rear of the machine extending beyond the tracks. In simpler terms, it means that the E35i can perform 360-degree turns without the back end swinging out and potentially causing damage to nearby objects or structures.

1. Improved Maneuverability

In tight or confined spaces, maneuverability is key. With zero tail swing, the E35i can work efficiently in narrow alleys, cramped construction sites, or even indoors, without the risk of hitting obstacles with its rear end. This increased agility means operators can complete tasks more quickly and with greater precision.

2. Enhanced Safety

Safety on the job site is paramount. Zero tail swing significantly reduces the chances of accidental collisions, which can lead to costly damage and potential injuries. Operators can work with confidence, knowing that the excavator won't unexpectedly swing into nearby structures or vehicles.

3. Versatility in Various Environments

From urban construction sites to landscaping projects, the E35i's zero tail swing due to angle blade design makes it versatile in a wide range of environments. It's an asset when working near buildings, roads, or in tight residential areas where space is limited. angle blade is responsible for versatility can work close.

Similar Models

If you are looking for similar models to the BOBCAT E35I, there are several other models available. The BOBCAT E42BOBCAT E35 are other mini excavators that are similar in size and features to the BOBCAT E35I. The BOBCAT E45 is a larger model that is great for larger jobs. The BOBCAT E50 is the largest model available, and is best for heavy-duty jobs.

The BOBCAT E35I is a powerful and versatile machine that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is available for purchase for $69,500, and is also available for rent for a day, half day, or week. The operating weight of the BOBCAT E35I is 7,468 lbs, and the estimated monthly maintenance and fuel costs are approximately $250 and $100, respectively. If you are looking for similar models, the BOBCAT E42, E45, and E50 are all great options.

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