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The CATERPILLAR 326FL: An Overview

The CATERPILLAR 326FL is a heavy-duty excavator designed for large-scale construction and demolition projects. A diesel engine with an operating weight of 55980 pounds powers it. This machine is known for its excellent performance, durability, and reliability. It also has various features, such as an adjustable boom, a hydraulic digging arm, and a quick-change bucket system. The maximum digging depth of caterpillar 326fl is 22.4 ft 6820 mm.


Model Price$223,000
Daily rental price$1,610
Half day rental price$805
Weekly rental price$4,020
Operating weight (pounds)55980
Maintenance cost per hour$22
Monthly maintenance cost$2,007
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Common Uses

The CATERPILLAR 326FL is a versatile machine that can be used for various tasks. It is most commonly used for demolition, excavation, and material handling. It can also be used for road construction, mining, and forestry operations.


The CATERPILLAR 326FL h has an MSRP of $223,000. It can also be rented for a day, a half-day, or a week. The daily rental rate is $1,610, the half-day rate is $805, and the weekly rate is $4,020.

Maintenance and Fuel Costs

The estimated monthly maintenance costs for the CATERPILLAR 326FL are approximately $2,000. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and other regular maintenance tasks. The estimated monthly fuel cost is $1,500, and the hourly fuel cost is $10.


Displacement: 428cu in

Bore: 4.2in,

Stroke: 5.4in

Gross Power - Sae J1 995: 207hp

Engine Model: Cat C7.1 ACERT

Net Flywheel Power 203hp

Net Power - Sae .J1349/Iso 9249: 203hp

Swing Mechanis.m

Swing Torque: 54.137lb-ft

Swing Speed: 9rp.m


Note (1),

*5.9 m (19'4") Reach Boom, R2.95CB1 (9'8") Stick, 600 mm (24") S.G. Shoes, 4.0 mt (4.4 t) Counterweight, 1.33 m3 (1.74 yd3) Bucket.

Note (2),

**10.2 m (33'6") SL.R. Boom, 7.85 m (25'9") Stick, 790 mm (31") T.G. Shoes, 6.75 mt (74 t) Counterweight, 0.53 m3 (0.69 yd3) Bucket.

Minimum Operating Weight: 57309lb

Maximum Operating Weight: 66225lb

Hydraulic System,m

Pilot System - Maximum Flow: 5.4 gal/min

Pilot System - Maximum Pressure: 595 psi

Maximum Pressure - Travel: 5366 psi

Maximum Pressure - Swing: 3973 psi

Boom Cylinder - Bore: 5in

Boom Cylinder - Stroke 51in

Stick Cylinder - Bore: 6in

Stick Cylinder - Stroke 65in

Caterpillar 326, FL: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Reduced Fuel Consumption

If you're in the market for a heavy-duty excavator, the Caterpillar 326FL stands out as an exceptional choice. High-standard and eco-power modes help manage fuel consumption. It boasts impressive power and versatility and comes with a remarkable feature that saves you money and helps the environment—reduced fuel consumption. This article will dive deep into this fantastic innovation, exploring how the Caterpillar 326FL achieves optimal fuel efficiency.

Fuel-Efficient Engine, Technology

At the heart of the Caterpillar 326FL's fuel efficiency lies its cutting-edge engine technology. The excavator has a high-performance engine optimized for minimal fuel consumption while delivering maximum power. This innovation ensures that every drop of fuel is used efficiently, allowing you to complete tasks with minimal environmental impact and lower operating costs.

Smart Hydraulics System

One of the key contributors to the reduced fuel consumption of the Caterpillar 326FL is its innovative hydraulics system. This System enhances the excavator's precision and control, ensuring that hydraulic power is delivered precisely where and when needed. As a result, the machine operates with minimal energy wastage, ultimately conserving fuel.

Advanced Monitoring and Control

Caterpillar has incorporated state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems into the 326FL, allowing operators to track and manage fuel consumption in real time. This level of control empowers operators to make adjustments that further minimize fuel usage, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Lightweight Design

The Caterpillar 326FL's engineers have gone to great lengths to optimize the machine's weight. Using advanced materials and design techniques, they've made the excavator lighter without compromising its strength or durability. A more lightweight machine requires less energy to operate, thus reducing fuel consumption significantly.

Eco-Friendly Features

Besides reducing fuel consumption, Caterpillar has integrated eco-friendly features into the 326FL to minimize its environmental footprint. These features include reduced emissions and noise levels, making it an environmentally responsible choice for heavy equipment needs.

Automatic Engine Speed Control in Caterpillar 326FL

Caterpillar 326FL, an epitome of heavy machinery excellence, has evolved over the years, and its innovative features continue to revolutionize the construction and excavation industry. Among the numerous advancements, one notable feature is its Automatic Engine Speed Control. This article will explore this technology's significance in enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Understanding Automatic Engine Speed Control

Automatic Engine Speed Control, commonly called AESC, is a state-of-the-art technology integrated into the Caterpillar 326FL. It's a game-changer for operators and businesses in the construction domain. AESC allows the machine to adjust its engine speed automatically based on the workload and application, optimizing fuel efficiency and performance.

Benefits of AESC

Let's take a closer look at the key benefits of Automatic Engine Speed Control:

  1. Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: AESC ensures that the engine runs at the optimal speed for the task at hand, reducing fuel consumption significantly. This translates to substantial cost savings for operators.

  2. Reduced Emissions: By operating at the ideal rate, the Caterpillar 326FL produces fewer emissions, making it environmentally friendly and compliant with stringent emission regulations.

  3. Minimized Wear and Tear: The machine's components experience less stress with AESC, reducing maintenance and longer equipment lifespan.

  4. Improved Productivity: Automatic Engine Speed Control saves fuel and enhances productivity. Operators can focus on the job while the machine handles engine speed adjustments seamlessly.

Real-World Applications

The versatility of Caterpillar 326FL with AESC is impressive. It excels in various applications, including:


The machine adjusts its engine speed to provide the necessary power for digging tasks, ensuring efficiency and precision in excavation projects.

Material Handling

Regarding material handling, AESC allows for smooth and efficient load and dump cycles, making it an ideal choice for moving heavy materials on construction sites.


In grading operations, the machine ensures precision by controlling engine speed, resulting in even surfaces and reduced material wastage.

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System: 7.9gal

Def Tank: 10.8gal

Final Drive - Each: 1.6gal

Hydraulic Tank: 46.2gal

Hydraulic System - Including Tank: 75.3gal

Fuel Tank Capacity: 137.4gal

Swing Drive - Each: 2.3gal

Engine Oil - With Filter: 6.3gal


Brakes: ISO 10265 2008

Cab/Fogs: ISO 10262 1998

Similar Models

If you're looking for a similar model to the CATERPILLAR 326FL, several other excavators are in the same class. These include the CATERPILLAR 336FL, the CATERPILLAR 390FL, the CATERPILLAR 349FL, and the CATERPILLAR 329EL. Each machine has unique features and capabilities, so research before purchasing.

The CATERPILLAR 326FL is a robust and reliable excavator well-suited for large-scale construction and demolition projects. It is equipped with various features and has a competitive price tag. It also has an estimated monthly maintenance cost of $2,000 and an estimated fuel cost of $1,500. If you're looking for a similar machine, several other excavators, such as the CATERPILLAR 336FL, CATERPILLAR 390FL, and CATERPILLAR 349FL, are in the same class.


In conclusion, the CATERPILLAR 326FL is a formidable heavy-duty excavator offering a compelling power package, versatility, and efficiency package. With its three power modes and focus on reducing fuel consumption, this machine excels in performance. It stands as an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for construction and excavation tasks. Its innovative features, including Automatic Engine Speed Control, contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and extended equipment lifespan.

The Caterpillar 326FL's lightweight design, eco-friendly features, and advanced monitoring systems make it a well-rounded solution for various applications, from excavation to material handling and grading. It saves fuel costs and boosts productivity, allowing operators to concentrate on their work while the machine handles engine speed adjustments.

With a competitive price tag and various features, the CATERPILLAR 326FL is a commendable choice for large-scale construction and demolition projects. Additionally, if you're exploring alternatives, the CATERPILLAR 336FL, CATERPILLAR 390FL, CATERPILLAR 349FL, and CATERPILLAR 329EL offer their unique capabilities in the same class, making it essential to conduct thorough research to match your specific needs and preferences. The Caterpillar 326FL, however, remains a standout option for those seeking power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in their heavy machinery.

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