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The DEERE 26G Mini Excavator: A Comprehensive Overview

For those in the construction industry, the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator is a must-have piece of equipment. This powerful machine is designed to tackle a variety of tasks, from digging trenches to loading and unloading materials. It is ideal for tight spaces and can be used in a variety of applications. In this article, we'll take a comprehensive look at the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator, including its features, uses, and costs.


Model Price$43,900
Daily rental price$299
Half day rental price$150
Weekly rental price$1,265
Operating weight (pounds)6110
Maintenance cost per hour$4
Monthly maintenance cost$395
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Features and Uses of the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator

The DEERE 26G Mini Excavator is a powerful and versatile machine. It is equipped with a 24.8 horsepower engine, a maximum digging depth of 8.3 feet, and an operating weight of 6110 lbs. The machine also features an adjustable arm and boom, allowing for a wide range of movements. This makes it ideal for digging trenches, loading and unloading materials, and performing other construction-related tasks.

The John Deere 26g Mini Excavator also features a variety of attachments, including a bucket, a ripper, and a breaker. These attachments can be used to perform various tasks, such as breaking through concrete, digging trenches, and loading materials.


Dozer Blade Height: 12.6in

Dozer Blade Width: 59.06in

Dump Height - Mono Boom: 9.98ft in

Overall Width: 4.93ft in

Dig Depth - Mono Boom: 8.5ft in

Width Over Standard Tracks: 4.93ft in

Dig Height - Mono Boom: 14.05ft in

Digging Reach - Mono Boom: 15.2ft in



Displacement: 77.4cu in

Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar

Engine Output: 20hp

Emission Rating: Tier 4

Rated Speed: 2500rpm

Track Shoe Width: 11.9in

Number Of Cylinders: 3


Fuel Tank - Diesel: 9.1gal

Hydraulic Tank: 6.4gal

System Voltage: 12V

Number Of Batteries: 1


Travel Speed: 2.8mph

Slew Speed: 9.1rpm

Ground Bearing Pressure: 3.8psi

Breakout - Bucket: 4993.1lb

Dipper Tearout: 3529.6lb

Main Pumps - Maximum Flow: 19.1gal/min

Costs of the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator

The DEERE 26G Mini Excavator has a base price of $43,900. This price can vary depending on the attachments and other features included in the package. The machine can also be rented for a day for $299, a half-day for $150, or a week for $1265.

In addition to the purchase or rental price, there are other costs associated with the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator. The estimated monthly maintenance costs are around $200, while the estimated monthly fuel cost is around $150. The hourly fuel cost estimation is around $2.50.

Similar Models

If you're looking for a similar machine to the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator, there are several other models to consider. The Caterpillar 302.7D Mini Excavator is a popular choice, with a base price of $44,000 and an operating weight of 6,100 lbs. The John Deere 17G Mini Excavator is another option, with a base price of $38,000 and an operating weight of 5,900 lbs. Finally, the Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator is a great choice, with a base price of $33,000 and an operating weight of 5,500 lbs. Other Mini Excavator models also include the DEERE 27D, the DEERE 17G, and the DEERE 250G LC.

No matter what type of construction project you're working on, the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator is a great choice. With its powerful engine, adjustable arm and boom, and wide range of attachments, this machine is designed to tackle various tasks. Plus, with its competitive price and estimated maintenance and fuel costs, it is an excellent value for those in the construction industry.

Additional Information

John Deere compact machines are very useful, as discussed in the following.

Their optional cab comes standard with a heater. Both the cab and canopy units come with a step area for entry and extend an optional cab's front glass. The turtle speed lock switch will keep the machine low when propelling. Benefits: Track sag adjustment is conveniently located in the center of the frame to maintain proper track tension and maximize undercarriage life. This machine has pilot control levers enable for the user. Having a falling object protective structure and ergonomically designed operator stations are built to accommodate even larger operators. Cab increases job efficiency because of the qualities and specifications given above.

Additional details Tilt An optional tilt tool is available for tilting the cab or canopy. Their operating system has auto speed change system, which becomes very convenient for the user. The optional cab comes standard with a heater. Both the cab and canopy units come with a step area for entry and exit Automatic shifting An auto speed change system for high speed travel is employed.


In conclusion, the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator is a pivotal asset for professionals in the construction industry. Its impressive features, including a robust 24.8 horsepower engine, adaptable arm and boom, and versatile attachments, make it a versatile and indispensable tool for a wide array of tasks. Whether you need to dig trenches, load and unload materials, or break through concrete, this excavator rises to the challenge.

Additionally, its competitive base price of $43,900, flexible rental options, and relatively manageable maintenance and fuel costs make it an attractive investment for construction projects of varying scales. When assessing alternatives like the Caterpillar 302.7D, John Deere 17G, and Kubota KX018-4, the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator holds its own, offering a compelling blend of power, efficiency, and value.

No matter the nature of your construction endeavor, the DEERE 26G Mini Excavator proves its worth as an essential partner, ready to tackle the toughest tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. For those in the construction industry, this machine is more than just equipment; it's a dependable ally in building the future.

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