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The DEERE 350G LC Excavator: A Comprehensive Overview

It provides a potent blend of performance, robustness, and adaptability, making it the perfect option for many activities. THIS ARTICLE will DISCUSS the DEERE 350G LC Excavator, including its most popular applications, cost, operational weight, monthly maintenance costs, fuel expenditures, and more.

John Deere has taken excavator technology to a whole new level with their 350G LC SmartGrade™ Excavator, introducing capabilities such as precision and user-friendliness. In this review, we will look at the advanced machine's design, functionality, and performance that is revolutionizing construction work today, all powered by John Deere!


Model Price$285,000
Daily rental price$1,150
Half day rental price$575
Weekly rental price$5,300
Operating weight (pounds)35650
Maintenance cost per hour$29
Monthly maintenance cost$2,565
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Key Takeaways

  • Deere 350G LC SmartGrade™ Excavator offers contractors and construction professionals improved efficiency, productivity & cost-effectiveness.

  • The setup process is straightforward & customizable with powerful features such as a diesel particulate filter, reduced tail swing feature & virtual fence.

  • Cutting edge technology provides increased efficiency, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost savings for users.

Introduction to SmartGradeTM Excavators

John Deere is making a splash in the construction industry with its SmartGrade™ technology for excavators. This cutting-edge system has an impressive range of features, such as proportional speed control, which ensures smooth operation, and booms/buckets that are automated to ensure precise finishing grades. Hydraulic excavators come in weights from 16,500 lbs all the way up to 90,000 lbs depending on what size machine you need – plus there are auxiliary hydraulic flow capabilities allowing contractors using John Deere equipment access operating attachments if needed.

Their mid-size range also comes equipped with a reduction tail swing feature, giving extra precision when it matters most. Digging depth accuracy can be increased Thanks to grade management options, too! Allowing professionals greater confidence than ever before. No more relying solely on their eyes or experience alone when assessing finished work quality– every aspect taken into account by this state-of-the-art machinery means maximum operator satisfaction!

Target Audience and Benefits

John Deere has developed the SmartGrade™ Excavator to cater to contractors and construction professionals seeking efficient grading capabilities in their excavation projects. With its Powerwise Plus technology, controlling the machine is easy while decreasing fuel consumption at a great cost-efficiency for operators. Grade management options are also included that produce consistent finish grades without much effort. As such, this particular John Deere product offers an ideal solution with improved productivity and accuracy since it simplifies tasks while saving time as well as money on excavation needs!

Setting Up the SmartGradeTM Excavator

The Deere 350G LC SmartGrade™ Excavator is easily set up with either the 2D Grade Guidance or 3D Grade Control systems, both designed for compatibility with its cooling system. This machine's reduced tail-swing and diesel particulate filter make it particularly robust and powerful. It also includes an innovative virtual fence feature - when approached by the boom and bucket, alerts are triggered, helping to save money on operating costs as well as protecting front and side glass from potential damage thanks to predictable control mechanisms throughout the setup process supported by John Deere dealers who can configure your equipment according to particular needs.

The Design of SmartGradeTM Excavators

The John Deere 350G LC Excavator is an impressive piece of machinery, weighing 36,131 kg (79,655 lb.) and boasting a maximum excavation depth of 7.6 meters (24 ft. 11 in.). This model packs plenty of power with its 202 kW (271 hp) net engine and efficient hydraulic single-pedal propel system to ensure precision control while the track rollers provide smooth operation. With narrow front cab posts for better visibility and reduced tail swing features for added convenience, this excavator delivers superior performance every time!

Grade management options are also available on the 350G LC SmartGrade™Excavator so operators can customize it according to their needs, making work more productive and easier than ever before! John Deere’s iconic design ensures that durability remains at its highest levels no matter how tough your job might be. You’re sure to never lose out on any project thanks to the uncompromising features this machine brings onboard.

Ease of Use and Functionality

The SmartGrade™ Excavator offers a user-friendly design with short-throw pilot levers for smooth fingertip control. This allows it to be suitable for high trash environments and provides reliable carrier roller operation. Automated boom & bucket functions are integrated to ensure an accurate finish grade of projects undertaken.

This excavator is designed in such a way that it reduces wear and tear due to its optimal RPMs & speeds as well as extended ash service intervals, thereby resulting in cost savings for operators alike. Plus, several grade management options allow flexibility when selecting the best system suited to each project’s requirements. Ultimately, this makes the SmartGrade™ Excavator stand out thanks to its unparalleled ease of use while also providing reliability at every step along the way!

Real-World Performance of SmartGradeTM Excavators

The SmartGrade™ Excavator is an ideal choice for construction professionals who need a machine with reliable performance and precision in excavation tasks. It offers advanced features like automatic boom and bucket control, virtual fencing, overdid protection, as well as real-time readouts on the distance to grade. What’s more, removal counterweight clearance adds convenience while increasing the efficiency of this excavator even further.

It helps reduce wear and tear of equipment thanks to its optimal RPMs and speeds. Resulting in decreased fuel consumption, too! With all these advantages combined, you get efficient productivity, ensuring your projects are done quickly yet accurately every time - that’s why so many people choose the SmartGrade™ Excavator when they want top-notch results without sacrificing anything else along the way!

Advanced Technology and Efficiency

The SmartGrade™ Excavator incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as GNSS positioning and automated boom and bucket features, which help operators produce precise finishes quickly. This advanced automation results in increased efficiency that translates into decreased fuel consumption, longer service intervals, and lowered operating costs, a significant benefit for those working in high trash environments. The lesser wear on equipment makes this an attractive choice compared to manual excavation methods, where accuracy is key.

The advantages offered by these highly sought-after machines are easy to see: greater productivity leads to cost savings due to its optimization of time while keeping maintenance requirements low at all times through lessened strain placed upon components from repeated use over extended periods.

Overall, it’s clear why construction professionals prefer TheSmartGradeTMExcavator. Not only does it increase precision, but it allows projects to be completed faster with consistently reliable output across applications regardless of conditions they may encounter throughout any task.

Value for Money and Alternatives

John Deere provides a variety of price points for their SmartGrade™ excavators in order to cater to different budgets. Data from the last five years reveals that pre-owned machines across all size classes have averaged out at $165,089, making it clear that these pieces of equipment can be quite an investment.

The SmartGrade™ Excavator comes with many unique features and advantages such as enhanced accuracy and precision levels due to its advanced technology automation, improved fuel efficiency leading to lowered operating costs, durable and reliable quality build combined with easy maintenance services make this model competitive amongst other excavators available on the market today. These factors alone prove why the 350G LC version is seen as great value when considering what money you get back through excavation projects completed efficiently by using John Deere’s product, which includes user-friendly functionalities, too! One cannot ignore how attractive an option investing in this machinery really is cost-wise compared to alternatives currently around -it truly underlines why owning a machine like de Deeres’350 GLC makes perfect sense both economically and realistically speaking, given its numerous capabilities.


The Deere 350G LC SmartGrade™ Excavator stands out from the crowd as a powerful and efficient machine with advanced technology, user-friendly design, and exceptional performance that makes it an ideal choice for any construction project. Investing in this excavator not only ensures top quality but also provides reliable cost savings for the future of your venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 350G John Deere excavator weigh?

The John Deere 350G excavator has a whopping operating weight of 36,131 kg and can dig up to 8.18 m (26 ft. 10 in.) with its 79,655 lb total weight.

How much horsepower does a John Deere 350G have?

The Deere 350G, manufactured by John Deere, provides an impressive 74.2 horsepower that allows for powerful performance on a variety of jobs.

How much does a John Deere 350G bucket weigh?

With its standard counterweight, John Deere’s 350G bucket weighs a hefty 15274 pounds. But for the Heavy-Duty option, it is much lighter at 2557 lbs.

How deep can a 350G dig?

A 350G can burrow down to a depth of 8.18 meters (which is equivalent to 26 feet and 10 inches).

What is SmartGrade™ technology for excavators?

SmartGrade™ technology provides accurate grade adjustments for excavators, equipped with automated boom and bucket functions, as well as proportional speed control that helps keep the movements smooth.

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