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KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator: A Comprehensive Overview

The KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator is an impressive piece of machinery, and an ideal choice for any construction project. This powerful machine is capable of tackling a wide range of tasks, from digging trenches to demolishing concrete.

In this blog post, well take a comprehensive look at all aspects of the KUBOTA KX040-4, from its features and specs to its price and estimated operating costs. traction force-Low speed, 9747 lbs

This machine has a max digging depth of approximately 11′ 3″ and a maximum lift over the front of 4,080 lbs at a 2ft load point height and 8ft load radius.


Model Price$74,500
Daily rental price$350
Half day rental price$175
Weekly rental price$1,200
Operating weight (pounds)9502
Maintenance cost per hour$7
Monthly maintenance cost$671
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0


The KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator is a compact, lightweight machine designed for a variety of construction projects.

It features a powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine that provides plenty of power and torque. The machine is equipped with a variable-width track system, allowing it to manoeuvre easily in tight spaces.

The KX040-4 is also equipped with an adjustable arm and boom, allowing it to reach a maximum digging depth of 8.2 feet. They have a standard auxiliary circuit, a high turning radius, and a suitable ground level.


The KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator is an ideal choice for a variety of construction projects. Due to its engine specifications, it has an innovative feature that reduces noise.

It can be used for digging trenches, removing stumps, demolishing concrete, and much more. The machine is also capable of lifting and carrying heavy loads, making it a great choice for landscaping and other outdoor projects.


The KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator has a retail price of $74,500. For those looking to rent the machine on a short-term basis, the cost is $350 per day, $175 for a half day, and $1,200 for a week.

kubota kx040 specs

The KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator has an operating weight of 9,502 pounds and a maximum digging depth of 8.2 feet.

A 4-cylinder diesel engine powers it and has a variable-width track system for easy maneuverability.

Maintenance and operating costs

The estimated monthly maintenance costs for the KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator are approximately $100 per engine rpm.

This cost includes oil changes, filter replacements, and other necessary maintenance tasks. Reducing operating costs

Key Features

Kubota KX040-4 Specs

  • Max. traction force-Low speed. 9747 lbs (4,421 kg)

  • Battery capacity. 52 AH. Battery voltage. ...

  • Air filter type. Dual element, cyclonic. Aspiration. ...

  • Fuel Capacity. 17 gal (64 l) Ground Pressure.

  • Swing Speed. 9.2 rpm.

  • Ground Pressure. 4.4 psi. ...

  • Angle blade height. 15.2 in (39 cm) ...

  • Max Digging Depth. 11.3 ft (3 m)

Fuel Costs

The estimated fuel cost for the KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator is approximately $200 per month, according to Kubota kx040 specs.

This cost is based on an average fuel consumption of 2 gallons per hour.

For those looking for similar models to the KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator, there are a variety of options available. The KUBOTA KX121-3S Mini Excavator, the KUBOTA KX057-5 Mini Excavator, the KUBOTA U17-3 Mini Excavator, the KUBOTA KX057-4 Mini Excavator, and the KUBOTA U25-3 Mini Excavator are all excellent choices.

They have constant oil flow maximum oil flow setting and have easy proportional flow control valves having functions for controlling the dozer lever direct electric current of meter-in type and for pressure control.

They are energy-saving valves for supplying the minimum pressure and flow required to operate actuators.

The KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator is an impressive machine that is capable of tackling a wide range of tasks. It has a powerful engine, variable-width track system, and adjustable arm and boom.

The machine has a retail price of $74,500 and estimated monthly maintenance and fuel costs of $100 and $200, respectively.

For those looking for similar models, the KUBOTA KX121-3S, KUBOTA U17-3, and KUBOTA U25-3 are all excellent choices.

Traction forces the low speed of KX040-4.

The Kubota KX040-4 is a compact excavator designed for various construction and digging tasks. When you mention "traction force" at low speed, you're likely referring to the machine's ability to generate traction or pulling power while operating at slower speeds.

Additional Information

Additional information about Used Kubota kx040 compact track loader with operator cab having sideboards, heat and improved cooling system, sound reduction, highest lifting compact loader, having a long arm very small lift cycle, deluxe instrument panel with keyless start.

Attachment control kit, high flow hydraulics, enhanced hydraulic performance bucket positioning. They have controllable control levers, and this control lever In its enclosed cab, the driver remains safe from machine noise. They are known for the largest ever Kubota, lift capacity, bigger jobs, and the following things. Overall Length in Travel Position (219 in) Long Arm digging force. The minimal bucket digging force is 9,511 lbf. Two pattern selection systems (tpss), Pattern Change. To Avoid Personal Injury.

Because of the small lift cycle, it increases the bucket digging force and arm digging force.

Maximum oil flow setting

The maximum oil flow setting for a Kubota KX040-4 excavator can vary depending on the specific model and configuration, as well as any optional attachments or hydraulic systems that may be installed. To find the precise maximum oil flow setting for your KX040-4 excavator, you should refer to the operator's manual digital panel or contact your local Kubota dealer. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information for your specific equipment.

Hydraulic system

Key components and functions of the hydraulic system in a Kubota KX040 may include:

  1. Hydraulic Pump: The hydraulic system typically includes a hydraulic pump, which is usually a variable-displacement axial piston pump. This pump pressurizes hydraulic fluid (usually hydraulic oil) through repetitive repositioning to provide the necessary power for the machine's hydraulic functions. This increases the digging radius of the KX040-4 hydraulic angle blade to 5410 mm. This system gives maximum lift.

  2. Control Valves: Control valves direct the flow of pressurized hydraulic fluid to different components, such as the boom, arm, backfilling work incredibly easily, and bucket cylinders. The machine's operator operates these valves through joysticks or other controls in the operator's cabin.

  3. Hydraulic Cylinders: The excavator is equipped with hydraulic cylinders for each of its main functions, such as the boom, arm, and bucket right angles. These cylinders extend control styles and retract, allowing the machine to perform digging, lifting, and dumping operations.


In conclusion, the KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator is a versatile and powerful machine designed to excel in a variety of construction projects. With its robust 4-cylinder diesel engine, adjustable arm and boom, and a variable-width track system, it offers the maneuverability and strength needed for tasks ranging from digging trenches and removing stumps to demolishing concrete and carrying heavy loads. Its innovative noise reduction feature makes it a practical choice for various outdoor projects, and the estimated monthly maintenance and fuel costs are relatively reasonable, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

While the retail price of $74,500 might seem substantial, the KX040-4's capabilities and performance justify the investment. For those who prefer renting, the daily, half-day, and weekly rates are also competitive. When considering similar models, the KUBOTA KX121-3S, KUBOTA U17-3, and KUBOTA U25-3 Mini Excavators are worth exploring, each offering unique features and capabilities to suit different project requirements.

Furthermore, the KX040-4's traction force at low speed, maximum oil flow setting, and hydraulic system functionalities contribute to its overall efficiency and effectiveness on the job site. Its capacity for enhanced hydraulic performance, smooth bucket positioning, and controllable control levers make it a reliable tool for construction and excavation tasks.

In summary, the KUBOTA KX040-4 Mini Excavator stands out as a valuable asset for construction professionals, combining power, versatility, and cost-effectiveness to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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