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The SANY SY35U Mini Excavator: A Detailed Overview

The SANY SY35U is a highly versatile and powerful excavator that is perfect for a variety of applications. The SY35U Excavator is packed with features that make it a great choice for any job. It has an operating weight of 8,499 lb, a maximum excavation depth of 3,105 mm, and a maximum reach of 8.7 m. It's also equipped with a powerful and efficient Yanmar 3TNV88 Tier 4f engine with a highly engineered hydraulic system to match engine response. In this post, we detail the SANY SY35U specs, dimensions, and other data.


Model Price$50,000
Daily rental price$299
Half day rental price$150
Weekly rental price$899
Operating weight (pounds)8499
Maintenance cost per hour$5
Monthly maintenance cost$450
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Sany SY35U Mini Excavator: At a Glance

  • Rated Power: 24.4 hp / 18.2 kW

  • Operating Weight: 8,499 lb / 3855 kg

  • Bucket Breakout: 6,834 lbf / 30.4 kN

  • Dig Depth: 10' 2"

Key Features

  • Swing boom

  • True zero tail swing

  • Primary auxiliary circuit

  • Quick-coupler plumbing to the end of the stick

  • Pilot controls with pattern change valve

  • Load sensing hydraulics

  • Cylinder guards for increased protection

  • 12″ rubber tracks for surface preservation

  • Bright LED lighting package

  • Powerful and reliable Yanmar engine

High Performance Engine

  • Yanmar Customized Engine: Strong power ensures reliability in tough work­ing conditions.

  • Step-less Accelerator Speed Regulation System: The engine adopts step-less accelerator speed regulation to make the machine work under any desired RPM, creating a perfect match between operation prefer­ences and maximum working efficiency.

SANY SY35U Specs


Overall length 4,915 mm

Overall width 1,720 mm

Overall width of superstructure 1,548 mm

Overall height above cab 2,515 mm

Rear length 860 mm

Track width 1,420 mm

Landing gear length 2,155 mm

Landing gear width (dozer blade) 1,720 mm

Blade height 350 mm

Track link width 300 mm

Min. ground clearance 295 mm

Tail swing radius 886 mm

Distance between track wheel and guide wheel (center) 1,670 mm

Boom length 2,540 mm

Arm length 1,400 mm

Bucket capacity 0.12 cubic meters

Working Range

Max. ground level range 5,465 mm

Max. excavation depth 3,105 mm

Max. vertical range 4,855 mm

Max. dumping height 3,460 mm

Minute radius of gyration 2,420 mm

Max. excavation depth, vertical wall 2,700 mm

Min. working machine height. Radius of gyration 3,690 mm


Operating mass 3,860 kg 


Model 3TNV88F

Rated power 18.2 kW

Max. torque 94.2 Nm/1,320 rpm

Shift 1,642 l

Batteries 1 x 12 V / 80Ah

 Hydraulic System 

Main pump 1 Adjustable axial piston pump

Max. oil flow 1 x 70 l/min

Travel drive 2 Adjustable axial piston pump

Rotary gear 1 Adjustable axial piston pump 

Relief Valve Setting

Boom circuit 245 bar

Slewing circuit 206 bar

Drive circuit 245 bar

Pilot control circuit 35 bar


Swing speed 9 rpm

Max. ground speed 4.4 km/h faster, 2.2 km/h slower

Max. traction 42.5 kN

Climbing ability 30°

ISO bucket separation force 30.4 kN

ISO arm tear 18.2 kN

Service Refill Capacities

Tank 40 l

Engine coolant 6.7 l

Engine oil 6.7 l

Travel drive (each side) 0.7 l

Hydraulic system 55 l

Hydraulic tank 40 l

Additional Features

Load Sensing Hydraulics

The matched load sensing hydraulics is designed for increased fuel efficiency and maximized performance.

X-Shape Undercarriage

The X-shape undercarriage features strong intensity and rigidity, showing excellent bending and torsion resistance capacity, to meet different job sites.

Energy-Saving Technology

The topological optimization enhances the strength and reduces the weight, which guarantees fuel efficiency.

User-Friendly Operation

The zero tail swing is perfect for tight job sites and working in confined spaces. The open cab is designed to increase visibility, easy for the operator to observe the road conditions. The Europe-introduced latest noise-reduction technology creates a more focused operation environment; the optional multipoint air-conditioner offers you more choices.

Auxiliary Lines

The auxiliary lines are run down the boom and arm as standard equipment for easy fit-up and running of hydraulic attachments.

Easy Maintenance

The tail end of the machine is mainly designed for daily maintenance, to make it easily accessible to the air filter and fuel oil filter, facilitating the maintaining job.

Common Uses

The SY35U Excavator is an ideal choice for a range of applications, including construction, landscaping, demolition, and excavation. It's a great choice for digging trenches, foundations, and footings, as well as for digging, loading, and hauling materials. It can also be used for grading and leveling, as well as for clearing and breaking up soil.


The SANY SY35U has a purchase price of $50,000. For those who are looking to rent the excavator, the cost is $299 for a day, $150 for a half day, and $899 for a week.

Maintenance and Fuel Costs

The estimated monthly maintenance costs for the SANY SY35U are around $100. The estimated fuel cost per month is approximately $200, and the estimated hourly fuel cost is approximately $2.50.

Similar Models

If you are looking for a similar model to the SANY SY35U, there are a few other models on the market that you should consider. These include the Kubota KX018-4, the Takeuchi TB216, and the Yanmar Vio27-6.


The SANY SY35U is a powerful and versatile excavator that is perfect for tough working conditions. It's packed with features that make it a great choice for any job. With its purchase price of $50,000, estimated monthly maintenance costs of $100, and estimated fuel cost of $200 per month, the SANY SY35U is a great option for those looking for a reliable and efficient machine. If you are looking for a similar model, there are a few other models on the market that you should consider.

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