Takeuchi Tb230

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The TAKEUCHI TB230: An Overview

The TAKEUCHI TB230 is a versatile and powerful machine. It has a wide range of applications, from landscaping and construction to demolition and excavation. This mini-excavator is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and cost-effective solution for their projects.


Model Price$47,300
Daily rental price$275
Half day rental price$195
Weekly rental price$1,040
Operating weight (pounds)6360
Maintenance cost per hour$5
Monthly maintenance cost$426
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Common Uses

The TAKEUCHI TB230 is a great machine for a variety of tasks. It is often used for landscaping, construction, demolition, and excavation. It can also dig trenches, dig out foundations, and clear land. This mini-excavator is also great for moving soil, rocks, and other materials.


The TAKEUCHI TB230 has an MSRP of $47,300. To rent it for a day, the cost is $275. For a half day, the cost is $195. To rent it for a week, the cost is $1,040.

Operating Weight

The TAKEUCHI TB230 has a total operating weight of 6,360 pounds. This is the combined weight of the excavator, the operator, and any attachments.

Maintenance Costs

The estimated monthly maintenance costs of the TAKEUCHI TB230 are approximately $100. This includes regular maintenance and inspections, as well as any necessary repairs.

Boom/Stick Excavator

Max Digging Depth: 10.2 ft (3 m)

Max Reach Along Ground: 16 ft (5 m)


Net Power: 24.4 hp (18 kw)

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight: 6607 lbs (2,997 kg)

Conventional Tail Swing Design

The Takeuchi TB230 is a compact excavator that falls into the category of machines with a "conventional tail swing" design. Let me explain what this means:

  1. Conventional Tail Swing: This term refers to the excavator's rear-end design. In a conventional tail swing excavator, the counterweight and rear part of the machine extend beyond the tracks or wheels. This design provides stability and lifting capacity better than a zero tail swing excavator.

Here are some key characteristics of the Takeuchi TB230's conventional tail swing design:

  • Counterweight: The counterweight is a heavy component located at the rear of the excavator. It balances the weight of the front working end of the machine, where the boom, arm, and bucket are located.

  • Swing Radius: The conventional tail swing design typically results in a larger swing radius when compared to zero tail swing excavators. This means the machine needs more space to rotate the rear end while digging without hitting obstacles.

  • Versatility: Conventional tail swing excavators like the TB230 are versatile and well-suited for various digging and excavation tasks. They are commonly used in construction, landscaping, and utility work.

  • Stability: A conventional tail swing excavator's extended rear end and counterweight contribute to its stability when lifting and digging. This can be advantageous in situations where stability is crucial.

Fuel Cost

The estimated fuel cost per month for the TAKEUCHI TB230 is $200. This includes the cost of fuel and any other necessary fluids. The estimated hourly fuel cost is $5.

Similar Models

If you are looking for a similar machine, there are a few other models to consider. The TAKEUCHI TB216 is a smaller version of the TB230, with a total operating weight of 4,902 pounds.

The TAKEUCHI TB250 is a larger version of the TB230, with a total operating weight of 8,818 pounds. The KUBOTA KX41-3V is a similar model, with a total operating weight of 4,737 pounds. These are the other popular models: The TAKEUCHI TB135 and The Excavator.


The TAKEUCHI TB230 is a powerful and versatile machine that can handle a variety of tasks. It is an excellent choice for those needing a reliable and cost-effective project solution. An MSRP of $47,300 makes it an affordable option for most budgets. Serviceability. Power to Perform – Takeuchi's powerful arm crowd and bucket breakout forces provide an outstanding blend of performance, speed, power, and versatility.

They have greater operator space within the operator cab. Counterweight protects key engine. The control valve and hydraulic components are now conveniently located under the right side cover for improved accessibility.

The service access hood eliminates the tilt-up cabin and provides outstanding access to the control valve, hydraulic lines, hydraulic tank, and pattern change valve. Triple flange track rollers improve track life by providing greater support and feature multiple contact points that reduce the risk of de-tracking.

It also has a total operating weight of 6,360 pounds and estimated monthly maintenance and fuel costs of $100 and $200, respectively. If you are looking for a similar machine, there are a few other models to consider, such as the TAKEUCHI TB216, the TAKEUCHI TB250, and the KUBOTA KX41-3V.

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