Boom & Bucket's 2024 Student Scholarship Program Winner

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April 22, 2024

We are excited to reveal the winner of the 2024 Boom & Bucket Student Scholarship Program. Following a meticulous review of hundreds of submissions, we have chosen a student whose exceptional dedication and enthusiasm for heavy machinery and construction technology truly stood out.


We are delighted to announce Carter Daly from Kent State University, majoring in Construction Management, as the winner of the 2024 Boom & Bucket Student Scholarship Program. Carter's application captivated us with its heartfelt enthusiasm and genuine passion for the field of heavy machinery. His inclusion of images brought his experiences to life, enhancing the personal touch of his narrative. Congratulations, Carter! We wish you the best as you continue to explore and grow in construction management.


  • Ben Alberstadt

  • Quinn Bean

  • Stockton Buck

  • Hudson Cole

  • Lucas D Dunn

  • Dustin Garcia

  • Erin McCoy

  • Mason Marchiando

  • Jakob Allen Miller

  • Owen McIntosh

  • Christopher Andrew Manuel

  • Nicholas Reid

  • Carter Riessland

  • Aelyn Switzer

  • Esther Thorp

  • Bayleigh Walls

  • Jaime Villasenor

  • Thomas Yang

We extend our gratitude to all participants for their dedication and enthusiasm. Selecting a winner was challenging due to the exceptional quality of the numerous applications we received.

Feedback for Future Applicants:

We received many impressive entries this year. To enhance the competitiveness of your application for the next cycle, please consider the following tips:

Identify Your Study Area: Include your name, the title of your submission, and the specific program or field you are currently studying at the beginning of your application.

Tailor Your Essay to the Scholarship: It's crucial to express your passion for the heavy equipment industry. Tell us what excites you about this field; passion is essential!

Proper Formatting is Key: Make sure your essay is well-organized with clear titles and appropriate paragraphs. Use a word processor to type your essay and avoid submitting screenshots from note-taking apps or images of handwritten notes.

Consider Video Submissions: If you're more comfortable expressing your ideas verbally, think about submitting a YouTube video. We noticed a low number of video submissions this year and encourage more multimedia presentations.

Submission Format: Submit your application in PDF format to ensure that it is easily accessible and readable by the selection committee.

Relevance to the Program: Ensure that the educational program you are attending is relevant to the heavy equipment industry. This alignment significantly strengthens your application.

These improvements will significantly enhance the clarity and impact of your application, increasing your chances of success in next year's scholarship program.

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