Best Riding Reel Mowers: Top Picks for Precision and Performance

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July 3, 2024

Riding reel mowers, also known as cylinder mowers, are essential tools for maintaining large areas of grass with precision and efficiency. These mowers are favored for their ability to deliver a clean, even cut, making them ideal for golf courses, sports fields, sod farms, and expansive lawns. Here, we explore some of the best riding reel mowers on the market, highlighting their features, engines, and cutting widths.

1. John Deere 2653B PrecisionCut™ Triplex Mower

The John Deere 2653B is renowned for its precision and reliability. This cylinder mower features a three-wheel configuration for excellent maneuverability, and its cutting units are designed to deliver a clean, precise cut every time.

- Features: Superior maneuverability with a three-wheel design.

- Engine: 19.6 hp diesel engine.

- Cutting Width: Up to 72 inches with three cutting units.

2. Toro Greensmaster® 3320 TriFlex™

Specifically designed for golf course greens, the Toro Greensmaster® 3320 TriFlex™ offers superior contour-following capabilities and an advanced suspension system. This ensures a consistent cut, even on undulating terrain.

- Features: Exceptional contour-following and suspension system.

- Engine: 21.5 hp diesel engine.

- Cutting Width: 59 inches with three cutting units.

3. Jacobsen Eclipse 322

The Jacobsen Eclipse 322 stands out for its hybrid technology, combining electric power with a gasoline or diesel engine. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions while offering programmable frequency-of-clip settings for a customized cut.

- Features: Hybrid technology for reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

- Engine: Gasoline, diesel, or hybrid electric options.

- Cutting Width: 59 inches with three cutting units.

4. Ransomes MP493

Ideal for maintaining sports fields, parks, and other large green spaces, the Ransomes MP493 offers exceptional versatility and durability. Its powerful engine and robust construction make it a top choice for large-area mowing.

- Features: Versatile and durable for large areas.

- Engine: 49 hp diesel engine.

- Cutting Width: 133 inches with multiple cutting units.

5. Jacobsen HR700™

The Jacobsen HR700™ is perfect for large areas like golf fairways and sports fields. It features an industry-leading width of cut and high productivity rates, equipped with advanced suspension and cutting technology.

- Features: Large cutting width and high productivity.

- Engine: 65.2 hp diesel engine.

- Cutting Width: 14 feet with five cutting units.

6. Toro Reelmaster® 5010-H

This hybrid mower from Toro combines the power of a diesel engine with the efficiency of electric reel drive motors. The Toro Reelmaster® 5010-H provides excellent fuel efficiency and reduced noise levels.

- Features: Hybrid design for fuel efficiency and reduced noise.

- Engine: 24.8 hp diesel engine.

- Cutting Width: 100 inches with five cutting units.

7. Baroness LM2700

Known for its precision and durability, the Baroness LM2700 is designed for golf course fairways and other large grassy areas. It features a unique cutting unit suspension system that ensures a consistent cut.

- Features: Unique suspension system for a consistent cut.

- Engine: 27 hp diesel engine.

- Cutting Width: 100 inches with five cutting units.


When it comes to maintaining large grassy areas with precision and efficiency, riding reel mowers, or cylinder mowers, are the top choice. Models like the John Deere 2653B, Toro Greensmaster® 3320, and Jacobsen Eclipse 322 offer a range of features and technologies to ensure a clean, even cut. Whether you are managing a golf course, a sports field, or an expansive lawn, these mowers provide the reliability and performance needed to keep your turf in top condition. Choose the model that best fits your specific needs and enjoy the benefits of a beautifully maintained landscape.

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