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The Best Construction Sunglasses (for Safety)

Construction can involve working in a hazardous environment and requires that you protect yourself. Besides hard hats and boots, another important personal protective equipment you must have is safety sunglasses.

You'll encounter flying objects when cutting wood and metal or when drilling through walls. You wouldn't want these to get into your eyes. Fortunately, the market is flooded with limitless options you can choose from. However, not all these have the right features to qualify them as safety construction sunglasses.

To make it easier for you, we've compiled a list of some of the best construction sunglasses in the market that will cater to all your needs when you're on the job.

Let's get into it then.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Construction Sunglasses

Ideally, a good pair of safety glasses should provide protection, comfort, and durability. As the barrier between your eyes and harmful substances or objects, getting the right pair is essential; after all, you only get one pair of eyes.

Here are the top things to look for in the best construction sunglasses.

Durability and Impact Resistance

Buying low-quality glasses that easily break can be costly in two ways; you could sustain an injury, and you'll incur replacement costs. As such, the first thing you should consider when buying safety glasses is their sturdiness. Ensure they'll serve and protect you for long, giving you value for your money.

Check whether the frames can withstand being bent or impacted by a heavy object. Secondly, go for long-lasting polycarbonate lenses that will not shatter and enter your eyes upon impact.

Scratch Resistance

In the course of the job, your lenses will get hit by debris and falling objects, and will also brush against stuff in your bag. If you go for a pair that scratches easily, they will become quickly unusable and send you back to the store.

Go for those treated for scratch resistance even if the initial cost will be higher. You can check the packaging for diamond-like carbon (DLC) or polycrystalline diamond treatment.

Polarized Lenses

DIY and professional construction require you to see what you are doing clearly, or you could end up injuring yourself. Using construction sunglasses with polarized lenses will provide you with increased visibility. These lenses feature a laminated filter that will block out horizontally oriented light and minimize the entry of reflected light into the eyes. Such glasses are essential if you work in brightly illuminated conditions.

Also, ensure your safety glasses offer UV protection if you work outdoors. UV rays can hurt your cornea and promote cataract formation.

Peripheral Coverage

Do you expect debris to always come from the front? While the chances for this are high, sometimes the harm comes from the side. You'll therefore need protection from the side of your eyes too. Safety glasses with peripheral coverage are the best for you.

While such glasses are prone to fogging, you can find some with ventilation or use anti-fog wipes to help you. Other things to consider when buying construction safety glasses include:

  • Comfortability

  • Adjustability

Top 4 Best Construction Sunglasses Brands

Now that we know what to look for when buying construction sunglasses, what are the best brands?

NoCry Safety Glasses

NoCry Safety Glasses are strong polycarbonate sunglasses that can withstand impact. They are easy to adjust for different head sizes and can resist fog and glare.

The downside of the glasses is that you can only clean them with microfiber, and they scratch easily. Nevertheless, they are a relatively lightweight and comfortable option.

Oakley Men's OO9213 Ballistic M Frame

Are you looking for glasses to use indoors and outdoors? These durable and scratch-resistant safety glasses are the best option for you. The comfortable eyewear will protect your eyes from UV rays outdoors and minimize glare. However, the glasses do not feature peripheral protection, meaning you must be extra careful.

DeWalt Safety Goggles

DeWalt safety goggles are the best choice if you are looking for construction sunglasses that cover your whole eye. They are essential if you work in areas where debris and dust are frequent. They won't easily fog up in the middle of work, thanks to the efficient ventilation, and will fit nicely on the face and block out small particles.

3M Safety Glasses

3M safety glasses are perfect for anyone looking for light safety construction sunglasses. They have a foam gasket around the frame to help block dust, UV protection, anti-fog properties, and peripheral protection. These glasses will give you the confidence to do your job without interruption. The drawback is that they don't have polarized lenses meaning they are not best for working outdoors.

ToolFreak Safety Glasses

These safety sunglasses combine glasses and goggles built with polycarbonate material. As a result, they'll not break easily, catch fog, or scratch easily. They offer full eye protection with peripheral covering and UV protection. However, they are a little bit heavy and bulky.

Protect your Eyes with the Best Construction Sunglasses

In construction work, eye safety should be a huge priority. They are sensitive and the tiniest mistake could render you blind for life. Therefore, having the best sunglasses for your eyes is as important as having hard hats and boots.

Take into consideration your work environment and find the pairs that suit you best. Whether you need huge pairs or lightweight ones, Boom & Bucket got you. Visit us today for all the best deals on safety glasses for construction works and other types of construction equipment.

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