The Best Hard Hats for Construction

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December 11, 2023

PPE doesn't get much more important than your trusty hard hat.

After all, these vital safety items protect your head! And that, in turn, means your brain (i.e. the most important organ in your body) is less likely to suffer in the event of an accident. That's why we suggest you spend a few extra dollars to get a good one!

Are you looking for the best hard hats for construction?

Well, you're in the right place. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to choosing high-quality hard hats.

Qualities of an Awesome Hard Hat

The battle to buy the best hard hat for construction is won or lost on knowing what other brands to look for! Here are a few key factors to keep in mind that should help you find the right one for your needs:


In general, there are 2 main types of hard hats you might need:

  • Type 1 hats protect you if something falls from a height onto your head. It'll reduce the impact of the blow and, with any luck, prevent serious injury.

  • Type 2 hats do that too, but they also protect you from lateral impacts (i.e. from the front, back, or sides).

Think about the jobs/sites you'll be working on. If there'll be moving equipment, general workers or materials in transit, then you probably need a type 2 hard hat. However, check the current legal standards in your area. It's the best way to ensure you buy a hard hat that complies with the rules there.


A hard hat's "Class" pertains to electrical protection. These days, there are 3 Class labels, each with its own brand and electrical rating:

  • Class E hats are "electrical, non-conductive". They reduce the impact of touching higher voltage conductors (tested at 20,000 volts).

  • Class G hats are "general, non-conductive". They reduce the impact of touching low voltage conductors (tested at 2,200 volts).

  • Class C hats are "conductive, no electrical rating". They're not designed to protect you from electrical hazards.

Once again, think about what you do and where you'll be working. An electrical worker is at more risk, so they'd need a Class E hard hat. By contrast, a Class G hat may suffice for a general construction worker.

Comfort, Adjustability, and Materials

Hard hats that are too big, too small, and/or too heavy aren't any fun to wear. So, make sure you choose one that:

  • Is inherently comfortable (the more points of suspension, the better!)

  • You can adjust it to fit your head size, and

  • Is made from lightweight materials (e.g. carbon fiber).

It's useful to have accessory slots available as well. They provide newfound versatility for safety helmet -- allowing you to attach things like face and hearing protection. On that note, the presence of a "reverse donning arrow" indicates they can be worn forward or backward.


Okay, so practicality always trumps aesthetics on the scale of material importance. But -- and it's a big but -- you want your hard hat(s) to look good too. If it doesn't, then you (or your workforce) are much less likely to wear them!

For example, the only industry consensus seems to be that full-brimmed hard hats look better (and more professional) than cap-style ones -- although they do limit the attachments you can use.

Oh, and if you work outside, you'll want light-colored hats over dark ones, which are notorious for getting too hot. A safe color of helmet to choose is yellow, which is ubiquitous for construction workers. Finally, why not go full Top Gun and let people customize their helmets with stickers?

The Best Hard Hats for Construction

Looking for great examples of hard hats that tick the aforementioned boxes? Here are 2 of them:

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim

This full brim hard hat from Pyramex is a great all-rounder that balances its price and affordability with practicality. A Type 1 hat with class C, G, and E ratings, it's made from ABS plastic and can be used in both high and low temperatures.

The Ridgeline has a 4-point suspension system, can be adjusted, and has a head pad for extra comfort.

Acerpal OSHA Full Brim

This durable and hardwearing product from Acerpal is hard to fault. It's another Type 1 hat with features a full brim that provides impressive defense against falling debris and rain. Like the Pyramex, it offers Class C, G, and E protection too and is suitable for use in high and low temperatures.

As for comfort, the Acerpal has soft brow padding and a head pad. You can buy it in an array of sizes too, all of which have a stock 4-point suspension system that can be upgraded to 6-points (for a fee!). You also have a whopping 28 graphics and color schemes to choose from.

Time to Choose Your Hard Hat!

Struggling to choose the right hard hat and hats for construction? Well, we hope the insights and suggestions in this article will make a difference. Keep them in mind and it shouldn't be long before you and your team have effective head protection in place.

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