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The Best Knee Pads for Construction

Any construction worker will agree that the job can be pretty brutal on their body --- and it's not just about the heavy lifting either. You spend a lot of time kneeling on every surface from soil and plywood to concrete, often resulting in discomfort, swelling, and over the years this can have a significant impact on how easy you get around with age.

With that in mind, buying a pair of the best knee pads for construction might be a good idea. And that's why we'll give you a quick overview of our best picks among construction knee pads right here!

ProKnee AP16 Knee Pads

If you don't mind paying over $100 for your knee pads, you'll find that most construction workers agree on the ProKnee knee pads being the absolute best model you can get. They're a game-changer because the long, broad pads keep you stable without putting any actual pressure on your knees.

When you take a look at their design, you'll notice that they're more like shin pads than knee pads thanks to their length --- however, that's what allows them to transfer the weight distribution across your whole leg, resulting in zero knee pressure. If you have any bad ligaments or other knee or back injuries, these are the only knee pads that probably won't cause you any major pain.

And once you get them adjusted just right, you won't experience any chafing either. Sure, they're a bit clunky when you walk around in them, but they make working on the ground a pleasure. Also, they're custom-sized and have plenty of replaceable parts.

Troxell USA Supersoft Leatherhead Knee Pads

If you're looking for some of the best knee pads for construction made in the US, this model from Troxell is a popular choice among construction workers. And the main reason for that is their comfortable, unrestricted design.

They've got an incredibly tough neoprene padding, with a cover of durable, thick leather --- meaning they're as durable as possible on the outside, while still being soft and comfy on the inside. They're the combo of practical protection and comfort that you're looking for.

Plus, the hook and loop closure makes the quick and easy to put on and remove, without any buckles or clasps that would degrade and break over time. If you're not fond of cumbersome, bulky knee pads but still want a similar degree of protection, Troxell is a fine choice. Also, they're not overly expensive at around $50.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads

Here's a product that lives up to its name, especially if you're looking for something more than the average level of protection from your knee pads. These NoCry Professional knee pads have an extremely comfortable soft gel inner core, which is further enhanced with EVA foam padding. And the exterior comes in the form of a thick poly shield with a non-slip tread --- practically the most heavy-duty protection you can get without sacrificing comfort too much.

Also, you may have heard about some issues with subpar rivets on some of their earliest models --- these have since been resolved, and defects have been replaced by the company free of charge. And at $25, they're practically a bargain.


Make sure you have the equipment you need for the work you're doing. Safety gear can go a long way towards making the work less troublesome and the weekends more enjoyable.

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