The Sennebogen 718: Revolutionizing Tree Care

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December 11, 2023

The Sennebogen 718 is transforming the way tree service operators handle their daily tasks. With a rubber tired undercarriage and telescoping boom, this machine is designed for maximum safety and optimum comfort.

Tree Care and Harvesting

In the world of tree care and removal, the Sennebogen 718 is an ideal solution for harvesting wood fuel. Its hydraulic grapple allows precise control when handling tree sections, and the clear view from the cab ensures safety when dealing with falling branches.

Tree care professionals will find the Sennebogen 718 to be a game changer. Its off-road capabilities make it suitable for various terrains, providing access to even the most challenging tree down sites.

Navigating Challenges of tree removal

Tree removal in the urban environment is a multifaceted task that requires careful planning, skilled execution, and a focus on environmental sustainability. As urban areas expand and green spaces diminish, the need for responsible tree removal becomes increasingly crucial. This process involves the use of specialized equipment, such as material handlers, and requires ongoing maintenance efforts to ensure the health and safety of the urban landscape.

Cutting Zone and Operator Comfort

The cutting zone of the Sennebogen 718 is designed for safety. The operator's cab offers a clear view of the site, ensuring that branches and trees are handled with care. The hydraulic grapple and telescoping boom provide comfort, allowing the operator to focus on the job.

Woodlots and Tree Sections

Thinning wood lots and handling tree sections have never been easier. The Sennebogen 718 is equipped with features that make these tasks efficient. The rubber tired undercarriage ensures smooth transport, while the hydraulic grapple offers precise control.

Advantages and Efficiency

The Sennebogen 718 offers advantages for tree service operators. The Sennebogen 718 revolutionized tree care and took the lead in providing a machine that focuses on safety and efficiency. It's clear view from the cab and hydraulic grapple for handling branches make it an ideal solution.

Utility Companies and Storm Debris

Utility companies will find the Sennebogen 718 useful for their projects and managing storm debris. It's off-road capabilities and rubber-tired undercarriage allow for easy transport across wood lots, making it an ideal solution for challenging projects.


The Sennebogen 718 is more than just equipment; it's a partner for tree care professionals. From felling trees to grabbing storm debris, it's designed with the tree care operator in mind. Its telescoping boom and rubber tired undercarriage make it a standout machine.

Whether it's thinning wood lots or providing access to a site, the Sennebogen 718 is laid out to switch between tasks with ease. Its focus on safety, efficiency, productivity and operator comfort makes it a game changer in the industry.

With equipment such as the Sennebogen 718, tree care is no longer a laborious task but an efficient project. It's a machine that lives up to the term "game changer," offering clear advantages for tree service operators and utility companies alike.

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