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Bulldozers are used for moving, digging, and excavating large amounts of earth and soil. A large metal blade characterizes them on the front, moved by hydraulic arms and the tracks they run on, giving them traction with the ground. Some bulldozers come with rippers, an extended attachment in the rear resembling a claw that breaks up tough ground.

The three main types of bulldozers are crawler bulldozers, wheel bulldozers, and mini bulldozers:

  • Crawler Bulldozers: These bulldozers are the most common because their tracks lend better to working on uneven terrains requiring traction like mud or slippery surfaces.

  • Wheel Bulldozers: As the name suggests, wheel bulldozers have wheels instead of tracks. Wheel dozers are great for terrains like asphalt, grass, and other soft sensitive surfaces.

  • Mini Bulldozers: A mini bulldozer is just like a crawler but smaller allowing it to fit in tighter spaces.

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