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Forestry equipment includes any heavy machinery used for excavating, harvesting, or finishing a wooded area. All three stages require different types of equipment that work together to ensure the work gets done. Foresters and loggers rely on tools like shredders, skidders, stump grinders, and feller bunchers every day to get their job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Forestry equipment cost varies depending on the type of equipment needed for projects.

  • Top forestry equipment manufacturers include Komatsu, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Tigercat.

  • Forestry equipment can be used to clear wooded areas through excavation, harvesting, and finishing.

  • The weight of forestry equipment varies from 1,800 lbs for a track stump grinder to 80,000 lbs for a log loader.

  • Most forestry equipment like delimbers, feller bunchers, mulchers, and yarders are operated from a cab. These machines in and of themselves are dangerous, not to mention the dangers of heavily wooded areas with falling trees.

  • When buying used forestry equipment, ensure every part is in working order and passes an initial inspection. There are many different types of forestry equipment, but some commonalities they have are belts, hydraulic systems, cooling fans, and engines.

  • Newer forestry equipment comes with the shine of new hardware and a warranty. Used equipment may have costly defects if you don’t purchase it from a trusted dealer.

  • Logging equipment operators make more than the average contractor, with hourly wages averaging between $25-30/hour.

  • A high school diploma or GED is enough for most logger jobs. Loggers must be able to lift heavy objects and operate complex machinery with razor-thin margins. This requires basic aptitudes, quick reflexes, and good vision.