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Lifts are construction equipment used to hoist materials and people to higher elevations. The three main types of lifts are boom lifts, scissor lifts, and material lifts. Boom lifts comprise a platform/bucket, long arm, and ground base. Scissor lifts are the same as boom lifts, except they can only move up and down and not forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Used lifts generally range in price from $8,000 - $70,000.

  • Popular brands include JLG, Skyjack, Haulotte, and Power Towers.

  • Lifts are used when a job requires reaching an elevation that a forklift or ladder can’t reach. This includes erecting scaffolding, picking fruit, painting structures, hanging highway signs, installing lighting, and even movie production.

  • Scissorlift: 4,700 lbs. Boom Lift: 20,000 lbs Material Lift: $500

  • Lifts take both workers and the operator high off the ground, making mismanagement potentially fatal. All operators and workers should wear a safety harness when on a boom lift. Other safety hazards include tipping, falling, and pinning. Never exceed a boom lift's maximum weight and range, use PPE, and operate based on the owner manual’s guidelines.

  • When buying a used lift, assess your needs, including the terrain, load/lifting requirements, height, and budget. When looking at specific brands and models, look at the reviews. Lastly, look at the maintenance record and features like self-driving, towable, telescoping, and articulating when looking at a particular unit.

  • The more hours a lift accumulates, the closer its components get to their limits. Specific parts to look at are the engine, panels and railings, hydraulics, operator controls, rotation/extension function, and platform condition.

  • The average lift operator in the United States makes $30,540 a year.

  • Lift operators must be aware of the risks they pose to their safety. OSHA requires that workers complete a certification process