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Tank trailer trucks can be seen everywhere from the gas station to driving alongside you on the highway. A tank trailer is a heavy-duty truck with the critical job of transporting water, food, chemicals, and dry material.

Tank trailer trucks can be categorized into four groups based on what they are designed to carry: 

  1. Food grade: carries typical food and liquids used for consumer goods

  2. Fuel/Petroleum: typically seen at gas stations, these trailers carry oil, gasoline, propane, and fuel. 

  3. Chemical: transporting chemicals for industrial use. Usually equipped with hazmat warning 

  4. Dry material: carries dry material in bulk, including sand, gravel, fertilizer, and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many factors can determine how much a used tank trailer truck costs, including the truck's size and what type of trailer you will need. A used tank trailer truck can range from $1,000 for small trucks to $180,000 for larger vehicles.

  • Top tank trailer manufacturers include Tremcar, McLellan Equipment, and MAC Trailer Manufacturing.

  • Tank trailer trucks are used in the construction, food, farming, and oil industries to transport goods and products from one place to another.

    Common uses for tank trailers can include: Safely delivering gas or petroleum to gas stations. Bringing dry material such as sand or gravel to a distant project site. Transporting food in bulk to businesses

  • A tank trailer truck's overall weight can range from 80,000 lbs when empty and up to 100,000 lbs after being loaded.

  • Tank trailer trucks are usually traveling with a heavy load. Because of this, these trucks are created with a higher center of gravity to protect the load. While tank trucks are generally considered one of the safest heavy equipment vehicles to drive, the increased safety also brings more difficulty in operating them.

    Always remember to drive smoothly when operating a loaded tank trailer truck, taking into account braking and how much space you will need to bring the truck to a stop safely.

  • There are strict restrictions placed on the maximum weight of tank trailer trucks by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As a result, the first step in purchasing a used tank truck is to know what kind of material you will need to transport and how much.

    To find the best-used tank truck for your needs, look out for the tank material and capacity, engine power, and the style of the tank.

  • After a few thousand hours, tank trailers can start to break down. There is little difference between a brand new and lightly used between that timeframe as long as its owner keeps up with routine maintenance.

  • The average salary for a tank trailer operator is $63,530, or $31/hour.

  • There is a shortage of qualified tank trailer drivers, meaning employers are willing to pay above the market rate. Because drivers carry potentially hazardous materials like gasoline, pesticides, and cleaning solutions, they're required to have a CDS, pass OSHA safety training, and pass a police background check.