• 1999 Komatsu PC128-UU for sale
  • 1999 Komatsu PC128-UU for sale
  • 1999 Komatsu PC128-UU for sale
  • 1999 Komatsu PC128-UU for sale
  • 1999 Komatsu PC128-UU for sale
  • Used 1999 Komatsu PC128UU Excavator for sale
  • 1999 Komatsu PC128-UU for sale
  • 1999 Komatsu PC128UU

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    Inspection Summary


    Inspected by Boom & Bucket

    • 1200+ inspections
    • 50+ years experience
    • 20+ certifications

    What's great

    • Clean and dry engine appearance, no active leaks seen
    • Engine starts up with no unusual noises or smoke issues observed
    • Starter is recently replaced
    • Drive motors sound and work well; good brake function
    • Overall undercarriage in good condition; approximately 50% life remaining
    • Hydraulics lines and fittings are clean and in good condition; no unusual noises heard during operation
    • Good appearance of body panels; no visible damage other than cosmetic wear
    • All operator switches are installed and functional
    • Good appearance of blade, buckets, and compaction wheel

    What needs work

    • Seepage observed on right boom cylinder
    • Bucket cylinder drifts at operating temperature
    • Right side track is loose; track adjuster should be further inspected
    • Some rubber track pads have wear, and may need to be replaced soon
    • Cabin doors and windows are missing/have been removed
    • Minor repairs required in cab: seat belt does not secure properly, cabin lights are inoperable, travel alarm is not operating correctly

      About this equipment

      This Komatsu excavator is equipped with a special offset boom that articulates right and left, allowing the operator to dig in confined spaces right next to a wall. This machine is well maintained when it comes to the engine, hydraulics, and undercarriage. No operational components require major repairs before it can go to work for you! Check out the inspection report for more details.


      • Cabin

      • Blade

      • Offset Boom Configuration

      • 24" Bucket

      • 36" Bucket

      • American Compaction Wheel

      • Operator & Maintenance Manual


      • Engine: Komatsu - 4 Cyl. - S4D102E - 84HP - 3.9L Diesel

      • EPA Tier 1

      • 2 Speed Hydrostatic Transmission

      • Operational Weight: 28,886 lbs

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      Oil analysis

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