• 2000 Genie Z45-25 for sale
  • 2000 Genie Z45-25 for sale
  • 2000 Genie Z45-25 for sale
  • 2000 Genie Z45-25 for sale
  • 2000 Genie Z45-25 for sale
  • Used 2000 Genie Z45-25 Lift for sale
  • 2000 Genie Z45-25 for sale
  • 2000 Genie Z45-25

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    Inspection Summary


    Inspected by Boom & Bucket

    • 1200+ inspections
    • 50+ years experience
    • 20+ certifications

    What's great

    • Clean and dry engine compartment, no active leaks
    • Engine starts up with no unusual noises or smoke issues
    • Transmission components are in good condition; no unusual noises or vibrations during operation
    • Tires are in average condition, and have a good amount of tread remaining
    • Chassis and frame are in good condition; level stance
    • No unusual noises during hydraulics operation
    • Hydraulic cylinders are in good condition; no pitting or discoloration, no oil leaks
    • Good lift and tilt function
    • No visible damage to body panels; good panel fitment
    • Minor cosmetic wear to platform surfaces; solid floors and panels
    • Operator displays and controls are functioning and in good condition

    What needs work

    • Active hydraulic leak seen at hydraulic cylinder; plastic cup zip tied to catch leak
    • Hydraulic hoses has some repaint overspray
    • 1 cover flap in engine is damaged
    • Tires show signs of sidewall wear & tear, cracks and chips; hubs show signs of rust
    • Body panels show signs of older repaint with paint peel with some repaint over rust
    • Older repaint with rust on platform corners and floor edges

      About this equipment

      Looking for a boom lift that can take your worksite to new heights? Check out this 2000 Genie Z45/25! With its impressive capabilities and features, this boom lift is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you're working on a construction site, performing maintenance on a tall building, or any other task that requires elevated access, this Genie Z45/25 is up to the task. Equipped with a maximum platform height of 45 feet and a horizontal reach of 25 feet, this boom lift can easily access even the highest and most hard-to-reach areas. In addition to its impressive reach, this Genie Z45/25 also comes equipped with a variety of features designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency. From its easy-to-use control system to its spacious and comfortable platform, this boom lift is designed to make your job easier and more enjoyable. Check out the inspection report to know more about this boom lift.


      • 2'9" x 6' Platform With Auxiliary 12V Power

      • Extendable Axles


      • Engine: Ford DSG - 473 - I4 - 75Hp - LP/Gas

      • 2 Speed Traction Drive Transmission

      • 2WD

      • Hydraulic Relief: 3,500 psi

      • Capacities: Hyd Tank = 24 gal, Fuel = 17 gal

      • Lift Capacity: 500 lbs - 2 Occupants

      • Max Platform Height: 45'

      • Max Working Height: 51'11"

      • Max Reach: 25'

      • Platform Rotation/Max Grade: 180 degree/30%

      • Tires: Wearmaster 9-14.5 355/55 D625

      • Wheelbase: 6'8"

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