2005 ACME Dynamics DPEM 200/QZI

  • 603 hours
  • Ships nationwide
  • #A3149151
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2005 ACME Dynamics DPEM 200/QZI

  • 603 hours
  • Ships nationwide
  • #A3149151
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Inspection Summary


Inspected by Boom & Bucket

  • 1200+ inspections
  • 50+ years experience
  • 20+ certifications

What's great

  • Dry engine compartment, no active leaks
  • Engine starts up with no unusual noises or smoke issues
  • Brake shoes have 50% thickness remaining
  • Tires are in good condition, and have 70% tread remaining
  • Operator displays and controls are functioning and in good condition

What needs work

  • Wear and tear found on exterior; Damage found on right fender and rear left brake light is missing
  • Damage found on the outer coating of the trailer wiring

Detailed Inspection Report


  • General Appearance

  • Engine

  • Hydraulics


About this equipment

The 2005 ACME Dynamics 8" water pump is a robust and efficient piece of specialty equipment, ideal for handling large-scale water transfer or drainage tasks. With only 603 operational hours, this pump has seen relatively light use and remains in excellent working condition. It is designed to offer high flow rates and can be used in a variety of environments, from construction sites to flood relief areas. Its durability and performance make it an essential tool for any operation requiring reliable liquid movement.


  • 8" Towable Water Pump

  • Electric Brakes

  • Pintle Hitch


  • Engine: Isuzu-4LE1-4Cyl-Diesel-65gal

  • Max Flow: 2700 GPM

  • Max Head: 127' TDH

  • Max Solid: 3" x 3.5" elongated

  • Tires: Hercules ST 205 / 75R14

  • Operating Weight: 3,406 lbs

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Close-up detailed photos

Specifications sheet

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