2016 International ProStar LF677

  • 577984 miles
  • Ships nationwide
  • #A2666850
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2016 International ProStar LF677

  • 577984 miles
  • Ships nationwide
  • #A2666850

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Inspection Summary


Inspected by Boom & Bucket

  • 1200+ inspections
  • 50+ years experience
  • 20+ certifications

What's great

  • Engine starts up with no unusual noises or smoke issues
  • Transmission components are in good condition; no unusual noises or vibrations during operation
  • Dry differential housing, no unusual noises during operation
  • Brake shoes have 50% thickness remaining
  • Tires are in good condition, and have 70% tread remaining
  • Chassis and frame are in good condition; level stance
  • Operator displays and controls are functioning and in good condition
  • Exterior paint is in great condition with a few areas of minor cosmetic wear

What needs work

  • Minor wear observed on engine belts, belt edges are frayed
  • Horn is not functioning
  • Driver seat belt is frayed
  • The passenger side door has some cosmetic issues and some areas of minor chipping/missing paint

Detailed Inspection Report


  • On Highway Cab

  • General Appearance

  • Engine

  • Underbody

  • Wheels And Tires

About this equipment

The 2016 International ProStar LF677 is a robust and reliable heavy-duty truck, designed for demanding tasks. It's powered by a Navistar A450MT N13 diesel engine and features an Eaton Fuller 10-speed automatic transmission. The truck is equipped with a PTO, fifth wheel hitch, differential lock, and a diesel particulate filter and DEF tank. It also offers comfort features like A/C, heat, and radio. Despite minor wear on engine belts and cosmetic issues on the passenger side door, the truck is in good condition with a well-functioning engine and transmission, and tires with 70% tread remaining.


  • PTO

  • Fifth Wheel Hitch

  • Differential Lock

  • Equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter and DEF Tank

  • Cruise Control

  • A/C & Heat

  • Radio


  • Engine: Navistar A450MT N13 - 12.4L - Diesel

  • EPA Tier 4F

  • Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Automatic Transmission

  • 6x4

  • Air Brake

  • Tires: Bridgestone 11R22.5

  • GVWR: 52,000 lbs

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