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The Caterpillar 320EL Excavator: A Comprehensive Overview

When it comes to heavy equipment, the Caterpillar 320EL stands out—and for good reason. The Caterpillar 320EL excavator is an impressive piece of machinery that is a versatile, reliable, and powerful. It can handle a wide range of tasks. From digging trenches to hauling materials, this excavator is an invaluable tool for any construction project. In this article, we'll dive into the Cat 320EL specs, common uses, and pricing.


Model Price$151,500
Daily rental price$725
Half day rental price$363
Weekly rental price$2,900
Operating weight (pounds)54450
Maintenance cost per hour$15
Monthly maintenance cost$1,364
Fuel cost per month$0
Hourly fuel consumption (gallons)0
Monthly financing payments (new)$0
Monthly financing payments (used)$0

Overview of the Caterpillar 320EL Excavator

The Caterpillar 320EL is a medium-sized excavator that features a durable and reliable Caterpillar C7.1 engine. It has a maximum operating weight of 54450 kg and can reach a maximum digging depth of 8.3 meters. The 320EL is equipped with a slew of features, including an auto-shift transmission, a hydraulic system with two pumps, a two-speed travel system, and a high-flow auxiliary hydraulic system. It also has a wide range of attachments, including a bucket, a grapple, a hammer, and a shear.


Ground Clearance 1.48ft in

Height To Top Of Cab 9.72ft in

Length Of Track On Ground 14.64ft in

Tail Swing Radius 9.29ft in

Removal Counterweight Clearance 3.35ft in


Track Gauge 7.81ft in

Drawbar Pull 46086lb

Number Of Track Rollers Per Side 8

Number Of Shoes Per Side 49

Number Of Carrier Rollers Per Side 2

Max Travel Speed 3.5mph



Engine Make 2236

Engine Model C6.6 ACERT

Gross Power 164hp

Net Power 153hp

Displacement 403cu in

Bore 4.1in

Stroke 5in

Net Power - Sae J1349 153hp

Gross Power - Sae J1995 164hp

Engine Model Cat C6.6 ACERT

Net Flywheel Power 153hp


Operating Weight 54450lb

Fuel Capacity 108.3gal

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 7.9gal

Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 68.7gal

Engine Oil Capacity 6.1gal

Swing Drive Fluid Capacity 2.1gal

Swing Mechanism

Swing Torque 45581lb ft

Swing Speed 11.2rpm


Operating Weight 54450lb

Maximum Weight 54450lb

Minimum Operating Weight* 47400lb

Maximum Operating Weight** 54450lb

Minimum Weight 47400lb


Reference Bucket Capacity 1.1yd3

Minimum Bucket Capacity 0.8yd3

Maximum Bucket Capacity 1.6yd3

Hydraulic System

Pilot System - Maximum Flow 6.4 gal/min

Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 569 psi

Maximum Pressure - Travel 5076 psi

Maximum Pressure - Swing 3626 psi

Boom Cylinder - Bore 4.7in

Boom Cylinder - Stroke 49.6in

Stick Cylinder - Bore 5.5in

Stick Cylinder - Stroke 59.2in

Main System - Maximum Flow - Total 113.1 gal/min

Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Heavy Lift 5511 psi

Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Normal 5076 psi

B1 Bucket Cylinder - Bore 4.7 lb/in

B1 Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 43.5 lb/in

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 7.9gal

Final Drive - Each 2.1gal

Hydraulic Tank 37.8gal

Hydraulic System - Including Tank 68.7gal

Fuel Tank Capacity 108.3gal

Swing Drive 2.1gal

Engine Oil - With Filter 6.1gal


Cab - Rops

ISO 12117-2 2008


ISO 10265 2008


ISO 10262 1998

Sound Performance

Operator Noise (Closed) - Iso 6396 71 dB(A)

Spectator Noise - Iso 6395 103 dB(A)


Number Of Track Rollers - Each Side - Long Undercarriage 8 pieces

Number Of Shoes - Each Side - Long Undercarriage 49 pieces

Number Of Carrier Rollers - Each Side - Long Undercarriage 2 pieces


Maximum Travel Speed. 3.5mph

Maximum Drawbar Pull 46086lb

Common Uses of the Caterpillar 320EL Excavator

The Caterpillar 320EL excavator is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of applications. It can be used for digging trenches, excavating foundations, and hauling materials. It is also ideal for demolition and land clearing tasks. Additionally, the 320EL is equipped with a range of attachments that make it an ideal machine for various construction and landscaping projects.

Pricing Information for the Caterpillar 320EL Excavator

The Caterpillar 320EL excavator is a powerful and reliable machine that comes with a hefty price tag. The purchase price for the 320EL is 151500. If you are looking to rent the excavator, the daily rate is 725, the half-day rate is 363, and the weekly rate is 2900.

Operating Weight and Estimated Monthly Maintenance Costs

The Caterpillar 320EL excavator has a maximum operating weight of 54450 kg. The estimated monthly maintenance costs for the 320EL are approximately $1,500. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and other routine maintenance tasks.

Estimated Fuel Cost Per Month and Hourly Fuel Cost Estimation

The estimated fuel cost per month for the Caterpillar 320EL excavator is approximately $1,200. The estimated hourly fuel cost for the 320EL is approximately $35.

Similar Models

If you are looking for a similar model to the Caterpillar 320EL excavator, you may want to consider the Caterpillar 320D2, the Caterpillar 322, the Caterpillar 323, or the Caterpillar 330. All of these models offer similar features and performance capabilities as the 320EL.


The Caterpillar 320EL excavator is a powerful and reliable machine that can handle a variety of excavation tasks. It is an invaluable tool for any construction project, and its price tag reflects its quality and performance. If you are looking for a similar model, you may want to consider the Caterpillar 320D2, the Caterpillar 322, or the Caterpillar 330.

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