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Metrocell Construction sells multiple machines with Boom & Bucket

In this case study, we'll go over how Metrocell in Ontario, California sold four machines with Boom & Bucket at an average of 53.1% above the estimated auction value.

About Metrocell Construction

Metrocell Construction is a cell site construction company based in Ontario, California. Led by James Culwell, the company is a full-service engineering, project management, and construction company in the wireless industry. Their work includes cell site construction, modification, repair, and maintenance, as well as radiofrequency installation and maintenance. Their customers include Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS. They've installed over 500 cell sites over the past 10 years!

Working with Boom & Bucket

In late 2021, Metrocell was winding down a large remote project. With the excess fleet now coming back, it was time to rightsize for the jobs ahead. The owner, James, was busy with new projects, including building a new Metrocell Headquarters building and didn't have the time to sell his machines. He'd experienced auctions before and knew that he wouldn't get a fair price if he sent his equipment there. Instead, he teamed up with Boom & Bucket to sell:

  • Two Mercedes Sprinter Vans 3500
  • Kenworth T800 Dumptruck
  • International Flatbed with Lift Gate.

First, a comprehensive mechanical inspection was conducted to determine if any maintenance issues needed to be outlined for prospective buyers. Each machine was in fair condition, with obvious signs of use, but overall they were operable and ready for their next job. Next comprehensive photos and videos were taken to showcase functionality. Last, a digital listing was created for the machine and syndicated across multiple different online channels to attract buyers.


Across four transactions Metrocell earned an average of 53.1% more than if they had sent those machines to an unreserved auction. But, just as important, they were able to focus on their business while Boom & Bucket focused on selling their used equipment.

"I love the fact that Boom & Bucket will take care of everything and get me a fair price."

Need help selling your used equipment?

If you're looking for assistance selling a piece of used heavy equipment, please reach out to our team at Boom & Bucket. We'll be more than happy to assist you in understanding what your equipment is worth and how to get the most resale value for it on the used equipment market.

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