The Best Attachments for Telehandlers

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April 18, 2024

Telehandlers are a popular piece of equipment in the construction sector. They are typically used to lift loads and can extend or retract to accommodate the height you need to reach.

Since telehandlers are so versatile, they can perform a variety of tasks, if utilized correctly. The best way to do this is by using telehandler attachments to enhance your machine's capabilities, improve productivity, and utilize just one machine for numerous functions.

By using telehandler attachments, your construction firm can reduce the amount of capital you'd otherwise have to spend on several pieces of equipment. Instead, you'll have one piece of multi-functional equipment.

Let's discuss telehandlers and how the right attachments are an economical way to get the most value out of your machine.

What Is a Telehandler?

Also known as a telescopic handler, a telehandler lifts loads by extending and retracting to reach different heights. A handler features a secure boom that extends up and away from the machine. At the end of the boom, you would fit an attachment such as a pallet fork, bucket, or hydraulic pipe handler.

One of their primary benefits is that they perform the same function as other machines but with the added benefit of reaching higher than most standard pieces of equipment.

Popular Telehandler Attachments

Now that we've discussed what a telehandler is and why they are so popular on construction sites let's review some of the most popular telehandler attachments.

A telehandler attachment allows your telehandler to have more versatility. With the correct attachments, you'll be able to use your telehandler as anything from a truss boom to trash hoppers to lumber forks.

Universal Skid Steer Adapter

Remember, to use these attachments, you'll want to ensure that your telehandler is fitted with a universal skid steer adapter. This type of coupler allows you to easily connect and disconnect attachments without having to leave the field and waste valuable time on the construction site.

Standard Carriage

A standard carriage attachment is one of the most common skid steer attachments you'll see on a job site. It is one of the standard fork extensions and is known for lifting heavy loads and being able to carry a larger volume of materials than a bucket or other attachment.

The standard carriage is one of the most commonly used attachments for construction sites, thanks to its ability to perform various functions. It connects to a telehandler by a pin and hook or universal skid steer adapter, which makes for a smooth and easy process when changing out attachments.

Carriage sizes range between 48, 60, and 72 inches wide to accommodate a variety of projects. The type of carriage you'll need will depend on the material being moved and the width of the load.

Work Platform

A work platform is a crucial telehandler attachment that allows your workers to access more remote areas on the construction site. They come in different sizes, and some work platforms can accommodate multiple workers at one time. This allows you to complete jobs with an added layer of safety for harder-to-reach areas.

Work platforms accommodate not only workers but also additional materials and equipment. This provides ample space for your employees and their tools to finish the job with minimal interruptions.

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are used across multiple industries but are helpful on construction sites to help lift packaged materials such as bricks. These skid steer attachments offer a support layer for your telehandler as they lift different materials and can be adjusted depending on the material being carried.

They are a great attachment for lifting materials into a confined space, such as an overhead storage container, or if you are working on a site with restricted space. You can even find these attachments at work in parking lots, helping customers carry a heavier load to their cars.

Telehandler Buckets

Telehandler buckets come in various options, including grapple buckets, skid steer buckets, fork-mounted style buckets, and compact utility loader buckets.

Each type of bucket is specially designed for heavy duties and is equipped with other components, including hydraulic cylinders, fittings, and hoses. They can scoop up gravel, loose debris, and other construction materials.


An auger attachment adds lots of versatility and productivity value to your telehandler. With various sizes, the auger can be adjusted to best suit your project. Some of the most common uses for an auger attachment include drilling post holes, mixing cement, grinding stumps, and digging holes.

An auger attachment acts as a sort of heavy-duty drill bit on an electric drill that forces its blades into the ground before rotating to dig into and extract the material.

This attachment allows you to do a wider range of activities on the job site and is especially useful for land-clearing work.

Hydraulic Pipe Handler

If you need to improve your operation times and reduce the pipework, you may want to consider adding a hydraulic pipe handler attachment to your telehandler. It's safe, efficient, compatible with a telescopic handler, and works for steel or poly pipe.

They are easy to transport and set up, so your employees won't waste time figuring out the equipment. Hydraulic pipe handlers can be easily set up and ready to go as soon as your workers arrive at the site.

Telehandlers are a valuable asset on any construction site but are particularly useful with the help of additional attachments to enhance their functionality.

At Boom & Bucket, we offer a range of telehandlers to fit almost every need.

If you're unsure which machine or best suits your upcoming project, our team is happy to assist you. We make sure you get a high-value piece of equipment at a great price!

Here's a table showcasing The Best Attachments for Telehandlers

In conclusion, telehandler attachments significantly enhance the versatility and functionality of these machines on construction sites. From the essential universal skid steer adapter to specialized attachments like hydraulic pipe handlers, each attachment serves a unique purpose, enabling telehandlers to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently. With the right combination of attachments, construction firms can maximize productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety, making telehandlers invaluable assets in various construction projects.

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