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Compactors, also called rollers, are heavy equipment machines used for soil compaction. Compaction takes place on almost every construction project for tasks like densifying fill. Compaction increases soil density due to the expulsion of air through mechanical means. The two types of compaction forces include static force, where the dead weight of the machine applies downward pressure on the soil surface, and vibratory forces, where the compactors create a downward force on the surface.

The most common soil compactors include smooth drum compactors, padfoot compactors, and sheepsfoot compactors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Used compactors cost anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000

  • The best compactor manufacturers include Jamieson, Ludman, Köppern, Dynapac, and Bomag.

  • Compactors increase the load-bearing capacity of soil to sustain building load and traffic from vehicles. It also provides soil settlement and stability by reducing porosity, permeability, swelling, and retraction. Soil is commonly compacted underneath highways, roads, runways, buildings, and structures.

  • Compactors are among the heaviest construction equipment per sq. ft because of the need for static pressure applied to the soil. Rollers generally weigh between 1-20 tons.

  • All the steering controls for a compactor are located in the main cabin. Operators should have proper training and safety gear before operating a compactor. Before and after operating a compactor, it’s essential to perform appropriate maintenance checks and cleaning. Road rollers are operated from the control panel in the cabin. Here, you can set the vibration frequency and static force applied.

  • Consider the type of land you’ll be compacting before buying a compactor. With course grain soil like sand and gravel, smooth drum rollers are popular, while fine-grain soils like clay, sheepsfoot, or pneumatic rollers are effective. If you need deeper compaction below two inches, impact rollers are efficient.

  • The more hours a piece of heavy equipment logs, the closer any of its pieces will be to needing repair or replacement. Used models will need a thorough checkup of the cabin controls, hydraulics, drum integrity, cabin transmission, and engine.

  • Asphalt rollers can make anywhere from $36,500 to $60,000 per year working full-time.

  • Compaction is one of the most important steps in construction, meaning qualified compactors are in high demand. Employers will ask if you have a few years of experience in the industry, the required license classifications, a high school diploma or GED, and appropriate knowledge of construction materials.