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Drilling machines are used to drill and blast holes at mines, quarries, and anywhere where holes are needed. Directional drills describe any boring that doesn’t go in a straight line vertically. Wells drilled for water, oil, and natural gas are vertical wells drilled directly into the earth. Horizontal drills are used to reach targets that vertical drills can’t reach located under cities, parks, or protected areas.

Buying a used drill is a cost-effective alternative to buying new or renting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Drills cost anywhere from $30,000 to $500,000.

  • Vermeer, McCloskey, Mempex, & Barbco Inc.

  • Industrial drills are used to drill holes in the ground to access water, gas, oil, and other resources. Drills are also used to make space fire pipes, waterways, and air.

  • A directional drill usually weighs around 18,000 lbs.

  • Drills allow construction crews to drill deep into the earth. It’s recommended that contractors use a tracking system to understand where the drill is at all times. Guides are created by engineers and geologists so that operators know what could lay beneath the earth they’re drilling into. Drill bit sensors tell the driller about the external weight, rotary speed, and trajectory.

  • Make sure you purchase a used drill from a trusted manufacturer that performs accurate inspections, so you don’t get hit with any surprises like a faulty drill or hydraulic system. You don’t want to have to turn around and spend tons of money repairing a piece of used equipment.

  • The average lifespan is about 5,000 hours before components start to wear out. This goes for the operator station undercarriage, hydraulic system, and breakout system. New units require a substantial investment, but they offer more guarantees than used equipment.

  • Salaries for drill operators in the US range from $28,370 for drill assistants to $76,160 for oil drill operators. The median salary is $44,240.

  • To work as a drill operator, you must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and knowledge of machines and tools, preferably obtained through experience in construction. You’re also required to hold a valid C-class manual license, a National Police Check, and a Construction Induction Card.

    Many drilling companies offer entry-level positions as drill assistants allowing apprentices to gain experience.