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  • 2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale

    2015 Skyjack SJIII3219


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    2015 Skyjack SJIII3219 for sale

    2015 Skyjack SJIII3219


    About this equipment

    This powerful little scissor lift for sale is ideal for when you need an elevated work platform but don’t have the space for a conventional scissor lift. It's battery powered and designed for construction, industrial maintenance and warehouse applications on smooth slab surfaces. It even fits through a standard doorway with the guardrails in position. This lift is compact, productive and easy to operate — perfect for any job. Don’t miss out on this incredible tool.


    • Working Height: 25 ft
    • Platform Height: 19 ft
    • Lift Capacity: 550 lbs
    • Stowed Height (Rails Up): 78.5 in
    • Stowed Height (Rails Down): 64.5 in
    • Stowed Length: 70 in
    • Stowed Width: 32 in
    • Extension Deck (Roll Out): 3 ft
    • Ground Clearance (Stowed): 2.375 in
    • Ground Clearance (Elevated): 0.625 in
    • Gradeability: 25%
    • Travel Speed (Stowed): 2.5 mph
    • Travel Speed (Elevated): 0.5 mph
    • Turning Radius (Inside): 0
    • Turning Radius (Outside): 69 in
    • Specs and measurements are based on available records. Please confirm with our team for precise details prior to purchase.
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    2013 International DuraStar 4300


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    2013 International DuraStar-4300 for sale

    2013 International DuraStar 4300



    • Air Conditioning
    • Air-Ride Suspension Seats
    • Electronic Engine Control
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Spacious Interior with Ergonomic Controls
    • Tilt-Adjustable Steering Column
    • ABS Brake System
    • Advanced Diagnostics via On-Board Computers
    • Heated Mirrors (optional)
    • High-Visibility Cab
    • Ample Storage Compartments
    • Power Windows and Locks (optional)
    • Cruise Control
    • Heavy-Duty Alternator for Electrical Demands
    • Extended Life Coolant


    • Engine Type: Diesel
    • Engine Power: 215-300 hp
    • Engine Manufacturer: International/Navistar
    • Engine Model: MaxxForce DT
    • Displacement: 466 cu in
    • Fuel Capacity: 50-100 gal
    • Transmission Type: Manual or Automatic
    • Transmission Speeds: 5-Speed, 6-Speed, or more
    • Cabin Configuration: Day Cab
    • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 23,500 - 44,000 lbs
    • Front Axle Capacity: 8,000 - 14,000 lbs
    • Rear Axle Capacity: 15,500 - 23,000 lbs
    • Wheelbase: 128 - 254 inches
    • Brake System: Hydraulic or Air
    • Exhaust System: Single Horizontal or Vertical

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Bucket trucks are work trucks with an attached aerial work platform. Bucket trucks are necessary for forestry, telecommunications, and high elevation property maintenance. They allow workers to reach heights of over 100 ft, accessing “out of the way” spots through elevation and rotation. Bucket trucks can be outfitted with accessories such as air compressors, hotline jumper holders, and chainsaw scabbards, depending on the industry and purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cost depends on the type of bucket truck, the height of the platform, and additional features of the truck and boom. You can expect to pay anywhere from $35,000 to $500,000 for a used bucket truck.

  • The bests brands of bucket trucks include ALC, Versalift, Horyong, and Duralift. Bucket trucks are expensive due to their high demand and smaller supply since there are so few manufacturers.

  • Bucket trucks are used in various industries to lift workers and supplies into hard-to-reach areas. This includes telecommunications, landscaping, painting, window cleaning, and entertainment/photography.

  • The weight of a bucket truck will factor in the vehicle’s weight and the boom. Bucket trucks are heavier than boom lifts allowing them to handle a heavier weight. Bucket trucks generally can weigh anywhere from 15,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs.

  • The operator from within the bucket usually controls bucket controls. Before operating a bucket truck, it’s essential to place the vehicle in park and place the wheel chocks and extend the outrigger to keep the car from accidentally moving or swaying.

    Bucket trucks will have a master switch, which switches the power and controls into the bucket or back to the ground operator.

    Controls include: Rotation. Raising or lowering the outer boom. Raising or lowering the lower boom. Extending or retracting the inner boom.

  • When buying a used bucket truck, you should check the inspection report to understand its maintenance history, condition, and usage. Critical areas include the lift cylinders, hydraulic lines and controls, stabilizer legs, operator controls, operator cabin, and standard vehicle operation.

  • Used bucket trucks will be cheaper than newer models of comparable size and function. Newer models may still have a manufacturer’s warranty that’s transferable from one owner to the next. Unlike standard vehicles, you also have to factor in the condition of both the truck and the lift.

  • The average bucket operator salary in the USA is $50,700 per year or $26 per hour.

  • Since bucket trucks incorporate a vehicle-mounted lift, most states require certification to operate them. A driver must have a CDL to operate a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 26,000 lbs. OSHA requires bucket truck training, a written exam, and vehicle evaluation.

    Dealers, manufacturers, and companies that use bucket trucks offer operation, maintenance, and safety training.

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