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A pipelayer is a heavy machine designed with tractor feet to navigate short distances. Its attachable boom with cables is used to collect the diameter of the pipe and slowly lower it into a trench. Several pipelayers can work in conjunction to lay down heavy pipes. The pipeline is gaining momentum worldwide, including in Sub-Saharan Africa making pipelayers an integral part of this region's development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Used pipelayers cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000.

  • The top brands for Pipelayers are Caterpillar and Volvo.

  • Pipelayers provide the ability to quickly create pipelines by lifting and positioning assembled pipe and lowering it into trenches.

  • A fully hydraulic-controlled pipelayer will weigh 121,500 lbs.

  • Pipelayers can swing 360 degrees for optimum maneuverability. It's important for an operator to have a full view of their surroundings at all times. It's also essential that an operator knows how to inspect the machine, including; wire rope, blocks, winch and mainframe, hydraulic oil level, winch gear oil level, and boom stop switch.

  • When buying a used pipelayer, check the inspection report to get a full understanding of the machine. Check the undercarriage, trackpads, bolts, engine, hydraulics, and canopy.

  • The more hours a pipelayer logs, the more likely specific components will need to be replaced or repaired. The essential pieces are the undercarriage, engine, hydraulics, and boom.

  • The average pipelayer salary in the United States is around $38,820 per year.

  • You can learn to become a pipelayer operator through trade school, finding an experienced operator, or an apprenticeship program. View our full guide here: