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  • Ships nationwide
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About this equipment

This heavy-duty excavator breaker is ideal for concrete demolition, road repair and site preparation. Noise protection systems reduce strain on the machine and the operator. With durable and heavy-duty size and power, this breaker attachment is ideal for construction and site preparation.


  • Engine Power: 275 HP

  • Operating Weight: 37.5 Ton

  • Bucket Capacity: 1.7 m3

  • Boom Length: 6.5 m

  • Arm Length: 2.6 m

  • Travel Speed: 5.5 km/h

  • Swing Speed: 8.5 rpm

  • Ground Pressure: 0.68 kgf/cm2

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 600 L

  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 320 L

  • Digging Reach: 10.96 m

  • Digging Depth: 7.35 m

  • Digging Height: 10.23 m

  • Dumping Height: 7.23 m

  • Overall Length: 11.25 m

  • Specs and measurements are based on available records. Please confirm with our team for precise details prior to purchase.

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