How Spiniello Sold Service Trucks the Easy Way

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February 20, 2024

Spiniello is a 99-year-old leader in the fields of pipeline rehabilitation, water utility and sewer utility management. The firm, comprising Spiniello Companies and Spiniello Infrastructure West, principally offers service solutions including CIPP, slip lining, bypass pumping, pipe bursting, CML, geopolymer, shotcrete and heavy construction. Based out of Spiniello’s Baltimore office, Ed Misch (Fleet Manager) oversees and is responsible for over $20M in equipment. Given a fleet of this size, Ed regularly has to make asset dispositions to ensure that he always has the right mix of equipment available to the team.

In April of 2021, Ed got in contact with the Boom & Bucket team. He needed to sell a couple of good service trucks from the fleet that were underutilized and he wanted to redeploy that capital into other assets. For Ed, two things were really important: he wanted to make sure he was able to sell his trucks for a fair price, and he wanted the process to be easy. The Fleet Manager role is a busy one and Ed needed confidence that the sales would get done without any fuss or hassle.

Service truck details

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2011 Dodge Ram 2500HD Service Truck

2011 Dodge Ram 3500HD Service Truck

  • Mileage: 197,581 miles

  • Service Trucks International STI Model 3215E

  • Cummins 6.7L 24V I6 305 Hp Turbo Diesel

  • Crane: 3215E 3200 lbs / 15 ft reach with 20 ft corded remote

  • Crane tower: 20,000 ft/lbs rated, 4000-degree rotation

  • Tanks: (3) 60 gal / 30 gal /30 gal oil+fuel waste tanks

  • Outriggers: 2 in rear

  • Grease system: Graco 35 lb grease system 50 ft hose 4000 psi cabinet

  • Waste: waste out 35 ft hose and oil out 50 ft hose and cabinets

  • Welder: Miller Big Blue 400D pro stick welder

  • Compressor: Honda

Let's explore the features and specifications of the 2011 Dodge Ram 3500HD Service Truck in detail. This particular vehicle comes equipped with various features that cater to both comfort and functionality.

1. Heated Steering Wheel and Heated Seats:

When you're out on the field, especially in colder climates, you'll appreciate the heated steering wheel and seats. These amenities ensure that the driver is comfortable and warm during long hours of operation, enhancing their overall experience.

2. Automatic Emergency Braking

Safety is paramount when working in challenging environments. This service truck is equipped with automatic emergency braking, providing an added layer of security in case of unexpected obstacles on the road.

3. Extended Cab

With its extended cab, this service truck offers additional space, allowing for extra passengers or storage. Whether you're transporting crew members or need to stow tools and equipment, the extended cab provides the flexibility required for various tasks.

4. Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning

These features contribute to a smoother and safer driving experience. Adaptive cruise control adjusts your speed to maintain a safe following distance, while lane departure warning alerts you when you unintentionally drift out of your lane, preventing accidents.

5. Leather Seats

The leather seats in the cabin not only add a touch of luxury but are also easy to clean, ensuring that the interior remains in top-notch condition throughout heavy-duty use.

6. Tow Hitch

Equipped with a tow hitch, this service truck is ready to pull trailers or other equipment, making it a versatile choice for various tasks.

7. Stability Control

Stability control is essential when handling heavy loads. It aids in maintaining control of the vehicle, even in challenging road conditions, contributing to the safety and stability of the truck.

Quick Guide: Bucket Trucks

8. Bed Length

The bed length of this service truck is designed to accommodate various tools, equipment, and materials, providing the space needed to support your operations efficiently.

9. Brake Assist

Brake assist ensures that the truck can stop quickly and safely, even when heavily loaded. It's a critical safety feature, particularly when navigating through construction sites.

10. Blind Spot Monitor and Backup Camera

These features enhance visibility, making it easier for the driver to navigate and park the service truck. The blind spot monitor helps avoid accidents when changing lanes, while the backup camera simplifies the process of reversing and parking.

These advanced features in the 2011 Dodge Ram 3500HD Service Truck not only add convenience and comfort to the driving experience but also prioritize safety in demanding work environments. These elements are essential in ensuring that the service trucks meet the requirements of the field and the expectations of the operators. Spiniello's commitment to providing high-quality, well-equipped vehicles is evident in the inclusion of these features.


2012 Peterbilt 337 PX-8 Service Truck

2012 Peterbilt 337 PX-8 Service Truck

  • Mileage: 91,766 miles

  • Service Trucks International Model 1061

  • Cummins 8.3L 300 Hp Turbo Diesel

  • FR012210C Eaton Fuller 10-Speed Manual

  • Crane: Tiger 1061 with 21 ft reach and remote

  • Waste Tank: 40 gal

  • Air Tank: 22 gal

  • Pump in: Graco waste-in with 35ft hose

  • Pump out: Graco oil with 50ft hose

  • Graco grease air system 35 lbs, 50ft hose 4000 psi 

  • Metered pumping cabinet

  • PTO Air Shift

  • Hydraulic Outriggers

Engaging with Boom & Bucket

Once Ed had identified the trucks that he wanted to sell, the Boom & Bucket team got to work leveraging their industry insight and tech platform. 

First, comprehensive valuation reports were compiled and shared with Ed to set clear expectations on what the current market value for the trucks was. After carefully walking through the valuation reports, the next step was to get both trucks photographed and inspected. The purpose of this step was to ensure that: i) there were no mechanical deficiencies that might negatively impact resale value and ii) there were high-quality imagery and diligence materials available for prospective buyers to enable quick decision-making. This inspection step proved critical when the inspector discovered that the crane on the Peterbilt truck was not functioning. Discovering this deficiency early enabled Ed and his team to perform repairs and preserve resale value. Last but not least, a comprehensive listing page was created on and the asset was automatically marketed on multiple channels to get the trucks in front of a large audience.

Within just a few days, the buyers started to show up in a significant way. The Boom & Bucket team answered buyer questions, qualified buyers and ultimately negotiated prices.

First Sale: Dodge sold sight unseen

From the moment Ryan Parkhurst (owner of Parkhurst Excavation and Parkhurst Trucking) in Washington saw the listing of the Dodge Ram 3500HD, he was convinced that he had found the ideal service truck for his operation. He considered making the trip to see the truck in person but after reviewing the detailed photos, inspection report and videos of the truck, he decided that there was not much more he needed to look at. After a quick phone call, he wired funds to complete the purchase and the Boom & Bucket team took care of arranging transport as an added convenience.

“I had a great experience buying with Boom & Bucket. I got a great truck at a fair price and I didn’t have to deal with flying out. Communication was excellent and the process was easy.” -Ryan Parkhurst, Owner, of Parkhurst Excavating

Second Sale: Peterbilt discovered in Oklahoma

Soon after the Dodge truck was sold, the Boom & Bucket team was contacted by Mike Davis who is a mechanic at Williams Diversified Materials. Mike had been pushing his boss Bill Buck to get a better service truck and when he came across the listing for Spiniello’s Peterbilt, he immediately said to himself: “that’s my truck.” For Mike, the crane and lube kit was a huge selling point. Previously he was hauling 5-gallon lube cans and pulling transmissions with an excavator. It was labour-intensive and efficient. 

Knowing that a truck like this would not be on the market long, Mike put down a deposit and hopped on his motorcycle to head out to Spiniello’s yard. While shipping was available, Mike wanted the satisfaction of driving the Peterbilt back home himself. According to Mike, the quality of the pictures online and the detailed information provided in the listing were what sealed the deal.

“Working with Boom & Bucket was great. With all the photos, reports and information, I was confident that I knew what I was getting into. I’m really happy with this truck.” -Mike Davis, Mechanic, Williams Diversified Materials

Getting results for Spiniello

In the end, Boom & Bucket got Ed $30,000 for his Dodge Ram 3500HD and $100,000 for his Peterbilt representing 50% and 33% price improvement over auction value. After commissions, Spiniello walked away with $26,500 more money, a significant sum that can now be reinvested into the company’s fleet.

“I would recommend working with the Boom & Bucket team. They made the transaction process smooth and easy but most importantly got us fair prices for our trucks” -Ed Misch, Fleet Manager, Spiniello

Need help selling your used equipment? 

Our team at Boom & Bucket would love to help you sell your used heavy equipment. Please reach out to our team at and we’ll set up a time to walk you through our approach and process. We’re happy to pull together free valuation reports as well to give you a better understanding of what your machine might be worth on the resale market.

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