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A skid steer is a small, versatile piece of heavy construction equipment used for digging. It's a popular tool because of its maneuverability and the arms attachability to various construction and landscaping attachments. It gets its name because the wheels hold a straight alignment and don't turn. Instead, the operator steers by speeding up either the left or right side of the vehicle causing the wheels to "skid" across the ground. 

Skid steers either have four wheels or two tracks. Learn how to start a skid steer business with our guide.

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  • Used skid steers cost between $10,000 and $70,000. The price depends on the age, usage, model, and accessories.

  • The top skid steer manufacturers are Bobcat, John Deere, and Caterpillar. Bobcats skid steers are so popular they're often called "Bobcats" even though they're just one of many skid steer manufacturers.

  • Skid steers have an attachment that can fit almost any workplace scenario, including; augers, backhoes, buckets, tillers, cement mixers, and snowblowers. This is why skid steers are used for snow removal, landscaping, trenching/digging, excavating, and construction.

  • Skid steers weigh between 1,500 - 12,000lbs, with the average being 8,000 lbs.

  • Instead of skid steers changing their alignment to turn the vehicle, they stay on a fixed alignment and operate with different engines that can change one side's speed without affecting the other. Skid steers have two joysticks or arms that control their respective sides. The left-arm control moves the left set of tires or tracks, while the right arm control moves the right set of tires or tracks.

  • When buying a used skid steer, it's essential to look at its operating capacity, maintenance history, and price. Look at factors like its tipping angle, Operating Load Rating, tires/tracks, and engine to determine if it fits your needs.

  • New skid steers will have the latest technology like hydraulic systems, digital screens, and self-leveling capabilities. Brand new skid steers will also require less legwork to find available options and attachments when buying directly from a manufacturer or authorized dealer.

    With that said, used skid steers retain their value well when they're well maintained. Many used skid steers sell for near their original purchase price when they're well maintained.

  • The average annual wage for a skid steer operator is ​$48,683

  • Most companies require at least one year of experience operating a skid steer meaning you'll have to work your way up from laborer to operator. OHSA requires employers to train skid steer operators up to safety standards.

    Full guide on how to become a heavy equipment operator: